Johor Man Shocked to Find Monitor Lizard So Huge It Looks Like Crocodile On His House Gate

People with herpetophobia, beware! What you are gong to see will give you nightmares for a whole year.

A giant, ‘Godzilla’ monitor lizard decided to chill on the main gate of one man’s house in Malaysia without a care in the world.

Long Cherng Yee was shocked to see the giant creature, just hanging from the gate of his house.

He clicked several pictures of the lizard that appeared to have gotten stuck to gate since it couldn’t figure how to get off. So it just sort of stayed there while Yee made the most of it and even managed to click a selfie.

Cherng Yee said that dogs on the street weren’t too happy with the lizard and try to scare it away but to no avail. The lizard chose not to let outside influence spoil its zen apparently.

Yeah, cool. We’ll stay locked inside the house then.

Nyoman Indra K., a Twitter user captioned the picture saying, “Excuse me, sir. Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Godzilla???” The reactions on the viral tweet are hilarious.

It is not known from where the monitor lizard came out to visit the local area and no other information has been reported so far.

But Long posted a photo in the comments showing Emergency Medical Rescue Service personnel at the scene.

The picture that went viral soon sparked fear among people living in the nearby area. While some consider it as luck, most others are terrified of the reptile.

Monitor lizards are feared for their menacing looks and also known for their penchant of going through your household garbage.

State Agri­cul­ture, Agro-Based, Entrepre­neur De­­ve­­lopment and Cooperative Com­­mittee chairman Norhizam Has­­­san Baktee in Malaysia came about following pictures that went viral of a monitor lizard climbing over the gate of a terrace house.

“I have checked with the Depart­ment of Wildlife and National Parks and other relevant agencies but no reports have been received here,” he said, adding that the image circulated on social media came from another state.

Norhizam Has­­­san told Star Online, a local daily, that there were few reports about encroachment by monitor lizards as the Melaka River is a sanctuary for these reptiles known as sei keok ser (four-legged snake in Cantonese).

“Decades ago, it was a common sight to see them lazing along the banks of Melaka River. Now, it’s rare,” he said. Any sightings of it were usually inside drains in Jalan Bukit Cina and Bandar Hilir, he added.

Yeah, cool. We’ll stay locked inside the house then.


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