Found “ancient vase” on Mars, resembling a 2,000-year-old Roman wine bottle

Although Mars is not the first planet that humans set foot on, people have always believed that there is life on Mars.

In 2000, NASA’s “Spirit” rover sent back a set of real photos, causing a stir in the global scientific community, because the photos showed a “humanoid creature” on Mars with a head, Body, arms and legs look very clear, like sitting on a rock to rest.

This led many people to start believing the “Mars Man” talk. In August 2012, the nuclear battery-powered “Curiosity” rover successfully landed on Mars, but NASA has so far not found any life forms on Mars. However, photos sent back by the Mars rover have revealed an “ancient vase” lying on the surface of Mars, sparking heated debate.

From the photo, this “ancient vase” can be seen lying on the ground and partly buried in red soil, looking very much like a 2,000-year-old Roman wine bottle on Earth. Therefore, some netizens think that this is evidence of the existence of advanced life on Mars. But there are also people who think that it is just a stone that looks like an “ancient vase”.

NASA’s Curiosity rover captured ‘an ancient vase’. (Photo: NASA)

However, some time ago, the rover also took pictures of similar man-made objects on the surface of Mars. In this regard, some experts have pointed out that even hundreds of millions of years ago, Mars was an extraterrestrial world with oceans, temperature and atmosphere suitable for life, so the It is understandable that many living creatures exist.

So what does this “ancient vase” mean? Could it prove that there are also advanced beings similar to humans on Mars? Unfortunately, so far there has been no significant progress in this regard, and it remains a mystery.

This photo has also aroused the interest of scientists, but at the same time scientists also say that, in the absence of convincing evidence, at present this “ancient vase” alone cannot be used. prove anything. But there is no denying that the discovery of the “ancient vase” is another step forward in the exploration of Mars.

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