Years of friendship must now be separated: Orphaned blind elephant cries for hours every day after losing his close friend to old age

Years of friendship must now be separated: Orphaned blind elephant cries for hours every day after losing his close friend to old age

Heartbreaking footage has emerged of a blind and orphaned elephant mourning the death of its best friend after the animal died from old age at a nature park in Thailand.

The adopted elephant Mae Perm was rescued by Elephant Nature Park from a logging camp in 1992, but died earlier this month.

Now Jokia, her best friend since 1997, spends hours crying after losing a companion staff say she spent all hours of every day with.

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Jokia, who lost her best friend Mae Perm, cries out as she mourns her companion’s death from old age

Mae Perm died earlier this month leaving her best friend Jokia in mourning. Here they are pictured playing together at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jokia, a blind elephant, was introduced to Mae Perm in 1997 and the pair remained inseparable from then on

Jokia now spends hours crying everyday after losing her best friend to old age earlier this month

Blind elephant Jokia emotionally mourns the loss of her friend

Lek Chailert, a staff member at the park, wrote on Facebook how Jokia stood beside the body of Mae Perm for six hours following her death.


‘She stood over her for almost six hours, touching and nudging and leaning against the lifeless body of Mae Perm. Even then we found it difficult to separate the two of them.

‘Jokia did not eat much during the whole morning, and when she went to get some melons at the other end of her shelter, we took advantage of the moment to pull Mae Perm’s body out of the room and gently down into her final resting place.

‘Jokia did come right over as we moved the body, and she touched Mae Perm, moaning painfully as her friend slipped away from her forever.

‘From today we will do everything we can to help her though this most difficult time, and into the days of healing and new friendships.’

Lek added: ‘I will mourn the loss of my old girl Mae Perm for some time yet. Every single day when I look at them together the more that I see their strong bond to each other it makes me so afraid.’

However, park rangers are hoping Jokia will manage to make new friends, and have been attempting to socialize her with another elephant family.

‘Jokia starts her day with Navaan’s family now, and Dani comes along too. We’re hoping for a successful bond here, but only time will tell.

‘We are her eyes for now, and we watch her closely, giving her all the time in the world.

‘Jokia [is] still upset for the loss of Mae Perm, her best friend. She walk[s] around… looking for her friend. We hope she will find her new partner to take away the sadness and fulfill her heart again.’

The two elephants (pictured) became inseparable after they were rescued and introduced at the nature park in 1997

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