We all have Ьаd days at work - but perhaps not as Ьаd as this veterinarian who bathed in elephant dung while treating a constipated animal.

We all have Ьаd days at work – but perhaps not as Ьаd as this veterinarian who bathed in elephant dung while treating a constipated animal.

We’ve all had bad days at work – but perhaps none so bad as this Thai vet who was showered with elephant faeces while treating the constipated animal.

‘Dr Tom’, a vet at the nature park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, got soaked while removing a block of trapped excrement – which can be fatal if left untreated.

Toe-curling footage shows how vets gave the animal an enema to flush the trapped waste out before getting drenched as they finally pulled the poop free.


A dedicated vet has been drenched by faeces while treating an elderly, constipated elephant

Vet Dr Tom (in pink) can be seen trying to wipe the liquid from his eyes after the torrent subsided

The team were dressed in ponchos during the exercise, but they seemed of little use as the dung came out – followed by a torrent of brownish water.

The two helpers appeared to see the funny side and could be seen smiling in the video. Dr Tom, however, was busy trying to wipe the liquid out of his eyes.

The video has gained more than 45,000 views on Instagram, according to Jam Press.

While some were disgusted at the messy sight, many praised the doctor for helping the elephant.

Moments before the poo explosion, Dr Tom can be seen pulling solid faeces from the elephant’s bum while delivering an enema to the animal


He successfully removed the poo before being hit in the face with a blast of watery faeces

‘Love that dedication, doctor!’: Dr Tom was praised on Instagram, where the video has reportedly been watched 45,000 times

‘Oh wow, that’s a rough day at work,’ one user wrote. ‘But so important. The relief that the team brought to the elephant truly was live-saving’.

Another wrote: ‘Oh wow hahaha it’s so funny but so amazing what you have done to help this beautiful elephant! Well done!’

‘Love that dedication, doctor!!,’ another added.

Dr Tom and his two helpers had been called to the Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand to treat the animal, an elderly elephant called Lana.

Lana had been suffering from severe constipation but is feeling much better after her treatment, The Samui Elephant Sanctuary, which partners with the Nature Park, said.

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