Wake up, old friend: Loyal dog tries desperately to revive his companion after he is hit by a car and killed

Wake up, old friend: Loyal dog tries desperately to revive his companion after he is hit by a car and killed

A heartbreaking video shows a dog trying desperately to revive his dead friend who was hit by a car.

The tragic clip shows the animal pawing desperately at the lifeless. body of his pal lying at the side of the road, as traffic continues to hurtle past them.

But try as he might, there is nothing that can be done for the dog, whose life-force has already ebbed awa

Don’t leave me! A dog desperately tries to revive his dead friend who has been killed by a passing car

Why? The dog mournfully barks at the wind as if to damn fate for its cruel twists

The video was posted to LiveLeak today.

Apparently filmed by a truck driver, whose vehicle may or may not have been the one that ran down the animal, it shows the surviving dog forlornly tugging at his buddy’s shoulder.

In just recent years, a number of stories have emerged of loyal dogs who stay by their companions, human and canine, for hours, days and even years after death, or otherwise find help for friends in sticky situations.

In China in 2011, a dog was spotted standing guard over his dead friend in the middle of the road for hours until a passer-by finally buried the dead animal.

A year later in Los Angeles, California, the same scene was repeated by a labrador who stood by his dead pal until animal control officials arrived to take her to a shelter.

And last December, again in China, a loyal dog watched over his dead four-legged friend overnight in sub-zero temperatures after the animal was run over by a car.

Eventually restaurant workers removed the dead dog’s body, and buried it under a tree in a nearby park. They were followed along the route by the other dog, who stayed with the workers until his friend had been buried.

All dogs go to heaven: The dog was apparently filmed by a truck driver, whose vehicle, seen here, may or may not have been the one that ran down his friend

Loyal: The scene appears to contradict research that dogs are loyal simply to anyone who feeds them

The fate of this most recent dog to stand by its dead friend is not known.

A commenter on LiveLeak shared his own experience of how his pet dog responded when he played dead. ‘Ever pretended to be dead in front of your pet dog? I did once. I got sniffed, licked and sat next to,’ he wrote.

‘I passed-out once too, whilst on my PC. Sudden blood pressure change I think. When I woke up, my dog was halfway up the chair on his back legs, looking worried with his head half tilted.

‘A previous poster was right, they do indeed show more compassion than most people do.’

The small, black mongrel, who appears to have no collar, barks mournfully at the wind, as if to damn fate for the cruel twist it has inflicted on his companion.

Despite recent research which has claimed that dogs are loyal to anyone who feeds them, the sad scene adds to the mountain of anecdotal evidence suggesting there is more to the animals than doing tricks and begging for treats.

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