ViDeo laughs with tears with the mischievous Dog Walking on Newly Poured Cement Concrete, making the builder sweat

ViDeo laughs with tears with the mischievous Dog Walking on Newly Poured Cement Concrete, making the builder sweat

This is the hilarious moment a naughty dog ran across newly laid concrete, leaving a trail of paw prints.

Sararat Prayongyam had hired builders to lay a patio at her grandmother’s house in Bangkok, Thailand.

But after locking all the dogs inside their house, one pooch managed to escape to find the workers laying the concrete.

Chak jumps right into the wet concrete, pauses for thought, and then pads across the patio at the home in Bangkok, Thailand

CCTV footage, filmed on on October 16, shows the four-year-old pet, named Chak, walking all over the freshly-poured concrete, leaving plenty of paw marks.

Much to the dismay of the construction workers, Chak seemed to become quicker, and the paw prints much more obvious, the more they tried to scare him away.

The wet cement looks briefly pristine, before the canine dashes through to make his mark once again

The pooch went back into the house before dashing right back out, to the builder’s dismay

Not again: Chak tries to make more footprints as he plods through the concrete once again

The frustrated men used their tools to shoo him back into the house but it only made the fluffy white dog more determined to get out and run through their hard work.

Ms Prayongyam said: ‘I locked in all of my pets, not knowing Chak managed to escape and made the construction worker’s job harder.

‘I’m surprised they managed to complete the floor outside with a naughty dog running around.’

Shoo! The construction worker tries but fails to stop the pooch from ruining his hard work

One worker can be seen putting his hand on his head in despair as he sees Chak running across one last time.

This isn’t the first time a dog has been caught on camera causing havoc on a building site.

Footage from November 2019 shows playful pup Crowley dashing through wet concrete at his owner’s home in Snohomish, Washington.

The seven-month-old puppy wags his tail in delight as he darts down the steps onto the fresh new driveway, leaving big, dark paw prints pushed into the smooth surface.Dog Walks On Freshly Poured Cement Concrete Chak the Dog running on wet cement in Bangkok, Thailand

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