Unexpected surprise: Rescuers were surprised to learn that the puppy they rescued was something out of the ordinary

Unexpected surprise: Rescuers were surprised to learn that the puppy they rescued was something out of the ordinary

Construction workers from an urban building site in London’s Canary Wharf detected unusual movement in one of the pits, and they discovered a helpless puppy struggling to stay afloat.

They joined forces to pull this desperate animal from the muddy hole as they realized that he wasn’t able to escape on its own. The puppy was on the edge, all covered in a thick layer of dried sludge from head to toe.

When he was finally cleaned in the local hospital, the vet staff discovered that he wasn’t a puppy after all!

Workers Detected Movement In A Deep, Muddy Hole

Muddsey, as he was later named in the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, in Orsett, United Kingdom, was out of his strength and on the edge of dying when the nearby workers spotted him in a deep, muddy hole.

He was completely covered in mud… too weak to stand on his own feet. He was just a baby who got lost and somehow fell into the pit; not being able to get out.


No one exactly knew how long he stayed in that hole, but he would have surely ended up there if it wasn’t for the workers who found him.

One thing was for sure – he needed urgent vet intervention, as he couldn’t survive without some serious help from the vets!

Muddsey Wasn’t a Puppy After All!

The South Essex Wildlife Hospital took him over from the workers and made sure to clean his dirty coat. He needed a long scrubbing session as his fur was all covered in thick layers of mud.

After the hospital staff finally washed this poor boy, they came to the shocking realization that he wasn’t a puppy after all! He was a four-month-old fox cub!

He was immediately provided with food and water, after which this adorable baby finally recovered from shock! The vets named him “Muddsey” as a symbolic tribute to the state in which he was found.


The vets confirmed that Muddsey would’ve probably died if he hadn’t been found by the workers. Seeing him helpless, totally caked, and absolutely stressed out was heartbreaking, but the good news was that Muddsey now finally had the chance to start over.

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