Two сᴜte doɡѕ сomfoгt eасһ otһeг аfteг tһeіг owпeг dіed іп а tгаɡіс ассіdeпt wһіɩe wаɩkіпɡ tһem, dгаwіпɡ аdmігаtіoп fгom tһe oпɩіпe сommᴜпіtу.

Two сᴜte doɡѕ сomfoгt eасһ otһeг аfteг tһeіг owпeг dіed іп а tгаɡіс ассіdeпt wһіɩe wаɩkіпɡ tһem, dгаwіпɡ аdmігаtіoп fгom tһe oпɩіпe сommᴜпіtу.

The Mr. Bones & Co. nonprofit said that Tonka and Little P’s “epic” bond is “forever”

Two dogs are comforting each other after their owner died in a hiking accident.

Tonka and Little P were out on a hike in Colorado with their owner Kris Busching, 33, and his friend Mark when the group found themselves lost.

Two days in, Kris and the dogs attempted to descend into a canyon to get fresh water but fell, according to Mr. Bones & Co., a nonprofit animal shelter organization based in New York which is currently caring for the dogs.

As he lost his footing, Kris tried to pull his dogs up safety but they all tumbled to the bottom of the canyon. The talented tattooist was killed on impact while Tonka and Little P were both injured.

The dedicated pit bulls stayed by Kris’ body until help finally arrived a day later and they, along with Kris’ friend Mark, were rescued.

Mark then took the dogs to Kris’ devastated family in Long Island, New York, where Mr. Bones & Co stepped to help and rushed the pups to an emergency vet to give the family time to grieve.

There the doggy brothers “who lost their world suddenly” comforted each other as they both dealt with the pain of their injuries and their grief.

NYC Dog Rescue Naming Their Adoptable Pets After Health Heroes and Essential Workers

In a video shared by the organization on Thursday, the two pups sweetly touch noses, showing their “epic” bond as Tonka was admitted to the animal hospital.

“The level of loyalty and love that radiated from these two as big brother TONKA was admitted to our emergency animal hospital @amcny so that his leg could be saved needs no further caption,” Mr. Bones & Co.’s caption for the heartwarming clip read.

“His bond with LITTLE P is forever.”

The shelter is now looking for someone who is able to adopt both dogs so that they won’t be separated.

Tonka needed emergency surgery for a broken leg, and Little P needed x-rays on his jaw.

Because the family is “overwhelmed with funeral expenses and unable to afford” those costs, Mr. Bones & Co. launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the dogs’ medical care.

As of Friday, the campaign had raised $12,127 after starting with a goal of $8,000.

A GoFundMe campaign was also set up to help the Busching family with financial needs.

“We are all devastated, and really can’t describe the void and pain that we all feel,” Kris’ brother Dave said in a statement shared in the campaign.

“He was a talented human, with huge hopes and dreams. He lived an extreme lifestyle, and like most in my family, loved the outdoors,” Dave continued, adding that Kris was “where he loved to be when he passed.”

“He was mine and my sister’s little brother, my parent’s youngest son, and we loved him unconditionally,” Dave said. “Nothing, no one prepares you for something like this.”

On Friday, Mr. Bones & Co. shared in an update that Little P did not need surgery and will be placed in a foster home while Tonka recovers from surgery “without the temptation to play for a few weeks.”

In addition to his broken leg, Tonka also “sustained an injury to his right wrist,” on which veterinarians placed a splint in hopes that it can heal without additional surgery. He is expected to be discharged by Saturday.

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