Toddlers never forget playtime!: Absolutely adorable photos show newborn elephants wrestling with each other under their mother's watchful eye

Toddlers never forget playtime!: Absolutely adorable photos show newborn elephants wrestling with each other under their mother’s watchful eye

Keeping control of boisterous toddlers as they play-fight in public is an enduring problem for many mothers.

So spare a thought for this female elephant struggling to keep her brood in one piece in the Kenyan wild.

The animals were seen jumping over one another and raising their front legs as they wandered through the Entim Camp in the Maasai Mara as their mother watched on.

Eventually they were pulled apart, by the ever-stronger pull of their mother’s trunk.

Wildlife photographer Margot Raggett captured their joy from a safari truck nearby, producing a stunning sequence of images that will be used as part of an anti-poaching campaign.

‘They were running around like toddlers, out of control and having a fantastic time.’ Ms Raggett, said.

‘While they were chasing and jumping up on each other the older elephants seemed to be futilely trying to keep them under control. It was so funny.

‘Eventually one decided to come and check out our vehicle and even mock-charged us at one point trying to make itself appear bigger than it was!

‘The innocence and playfulness of young elephants can bring hours of entertainment and fun.’

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May the best trunk win: The adorable baby elephants were captured play-fighting as their mother watched on in the Kenyan wild

Charge: One of the young rams its trunk and nose into the other’s side as they bound around in the wild at the Entim Camp in the Maasai Mara

Getting excited: The elephants let out cries of excitement as they ran amok in the wild under the eye of their mother and a wildlife photographer

Catch me if you can: One of the elephants starts running away from the rest of the animals in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. The collection of photographs will be used as part of an anti-poaching campaign in Kenya

Body slam: Despite their mother’s efforts, the young continue their play-time, smashing in to one another in the hope of victory

‘Settle down’: Two adult elephants from the babies’ herd approach them to try to calm the boisterous animals down as they continue to play

Enough’s enough: The two young place their heads together to continue the fun before their mother steps in to break up their embrace

Not so fast: One of the young tries to make a quick escape from the adults’ rule but is swiftly picked up by its tail.

Fun’s over: After settling down the herd continues on its jaunt through the wild. Photographer Margot Ragett said watching the animals play could bring hours of entertainment

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