Tiny companions, big changes: Small dogs can change your life

Tiny companions, big changes: Small dogs can change your life

Bobby Humphries’ 17-year marriage had broken up and he was depressed. Bobby had a friend named Connie who was worried about his condition and tried to support him. He was very grateful to her. One day a woman had to leave, and she asked him for a favor.

Connie asked Bobby to look after a Chihuahua called Lady. He agreed, although he had seen the dog before and it seemed unfriendly to him. When Bobby was left with Lady without her owner, to his surprise the little dog crawled into his lap. “Connie claims this has never happened before and the dog hates everyone. Lady and I have been inseparable ever since,” Bobby revealed.

“I was still trying to come to terms with what had happened in my life. I couldn’t even get up and go to work. Weeks turned into months, and the only thing that made me happy was spending time with the dog. I can’t understand how she managed to steal my heart,” Bobby recalls. But the dog had to be returned to its owner.

At first Bobby wanted an adult Chihuahua dog, but it turned out to be aggressive. Then Bobby decided to get a puppy. He found a puppy called Harley on the Petfinder website. But after seeing the conditions in which the puppies lived, he got Quinn as well.

Bobby now has his own animal rescue group. He has already rescued more than 40 Chihuahuas.

“We rescue chihuahuas who live in terrible conditions. They are abused, starved, disabled, mentally ill, etc. We either take them to our shelter where they will never experience this kind of treatment again, or we nurse them and take them home! We just want to help as many little ones as possible,” said Bobby.


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