Time travel shocks the world: The speed of light is 'final proof that aliens built the pyramids', researcher claims

Time travel shocks the world: The speed of light is ‘final proof that aliens built the pyramids’, researcher claims

ANCIENT pyramids of Giza could have been built by advanced alien visitors, according to shock new claims from a researcher. Conspiracy theorists have claimed for decades that construction of the ancient wonders were far beyond the means of the early Egyptians – so they must have had outside help.

The Ancient Aliens theory claims humans could not have built the pyramids alone

Researchers believe extraterrestrials left vital clues in the design of the pyramids which prove it could not have been our ancestors who built the extraordinary feats of engineering.

And the experts claim the truth lies behind one thing – the co-ordinates.

However, humans could not measure the speed of light with this precision until 1950, thousands of years after the pyramids went up.

Travelling at the speed of light is theorised as being the only way to time travel, and believers claim the “advanced aliens” could have returned to Earth from the future to build the monuments.

YouTube researcher Manu Seyfzadeh said: “Is it possible that those who placed the great pyramid on the Giza plateau had an inkling of the speed of light to a degree of accuracy not possible without highly technical equipment?”

One of his followers said: “The speed of light in the metric system appears in the design and location of the Great Pyramid, when the decimal point is slid along the value.

“Aliens chose this location for a reason. This striking similarity is difficult to accept as a coincidence.

“There can be no doubt that it is a mathematically intelligent design associated with the stellar belief of its builders.”

Believers of the Ancient Aliens theory claim extraterrestrials also came to help build Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, in the UK, and other ancient monuments connected with the cosmos.

They have dubbed the hypothetical advanced visitors as “ancient astronauts”.

The theory suggests they were mistaken for Gods by our ancestors who depicted images of them in ancient artwork, which are now said to show pictures of aliens and flying saucers.

They supposedly visited Earth thousands of years ago, studied different tribes and were mistaken for Gods.

One conspiracy website outerworlds.com dedicates a whole section to the argument that “aliens built the pyramids.”

The theory says because two imaginary diagonal lines extend from the pyramids on either side of the Nile River delta, the early Egyptians could not have known this when building them, to be so accurate with their positioning.

With their precise measurements and alignments with celestial bodies and magnetic north, it has long been argued that our ancestors around 4,600 years ago would have been unable to physically build the ancient Pyramids of Giza.

The theory says: “The ones which were supposedly built to house the remains of dead pharaohs?

“The ones you thought were built by the Egyptians? Well, you are wrong.

“They were built by ALIENS!

“Here is what really happened: A couple of aliens, flying high enough over the Earth to be able to see where the Nile Delta’s origin is, easily saw what orientation the pyramid would need to be in order to have its diagonals lie on those two lines.”

Outerworld.com also says the great pyramid lines up almost exactly with the magnetic North Pole.

It says: “How could the Egyptians possibly have built their pyramid facing the exact magnetic North Pole without even having a compass?

“Those aliens, abundant in their knowledge and drowning in technology, came along and using their compasses, they landed on Earth and found the actual magnetic North and South Poles. Then they built the pyramids.”

However, it is a huge leap to go from a mystery of how they were built to saying it was aliens.

On the flip side, ancientaliensdebunked.com is as equally passionate about the evidence that humans could have built the pyramids when history tells us they were constructed.

In an article about the pyramids, the website says the so-called unfinished obelisk is 1,000 tones and made of granite, but was abandoned midway through because a crack developed.

It said: “This stone, because it is unfinished, gives us direct insight into how they cut and shaped granite, as well as other stones.

“After the stones had been roughly shaped using pounding stones, they would begin to polish them with grinders.

“There have been many types of stone grinders, or polishers, found in ancient Egypt.

“About 85 per cent of the stone used in the construction of the pyramids was relatively soft sandstone which was quarried right on site.”

The site says there is evidence that wooden sleds with ropes made from papyrus were used to move stones.

It added: “I at least hope that by now most of us can see that these construction techniques are well within the capability of mankind to conceive and achieve without the intervention


of aliens.”

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