"This beautiful dog is yearning for affection." trying to hold hands through the bars of her shelter(ViDeo)

“This beautiful dog is yearning for affection.” trying to hold hands through the bars of her shelter(ViDeo)

“This beautiful dog is desperate for affection.”

Spending weeks at an animal shelter can be difficult, but 1-year-old Maxine isn’t giving up hope.

A resident of San Bernardino City Animal Shelter (SBCAS) for over two months, the sweet shepherd-mix has found a new way of communicating with those passing by her crate — by reaching her paw through an opening and resting it in her visitors’ hands.

“This beautiful dog is desperate for affection,” the animal shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

Maxine’s family relinquished her to the shelter due to issues with their other resident dog.

“She was great with everyone in the home, but the other dog did not like her,” Melissa, SBCAS’ volunteer coordinator, told The Dodo.

Because of this, Maxine’s family brought her to SBCAS in hopes of finding her the perfect family.

But adoptions have been slower than usual, and the shelter has reached maximum capacity, so Maxine’s still struggling to find her forever family.

Regardless of the circumstances, Maxine is so excited whenever someone comes to visit her in her crate.

One video shared by SBCAS on Facebook shows Maxine soaking up a visitor’s cuddles through the bars of her crate. Her new friend is only able to extend a few fingers into the cage, but Maxine still gets as close to her as possible.

With her tail wagging at full speed, Maxine rolls onto her back in a perfect belly-rub position, then covers her friend’s hand with kisses.

Although shelter staff are loving their time with Maxine, they desperately want to find her a comfortable home and doting family.

“Adoptions are free right now because the shelter is at maxed capacity,” Melissa said. “We’re hoping this will help her find her people.”

Because of her previous experience with animals, Maxine’s friends at the shelter believe that she would thrive as the only pet in her home. And when she does find her forever family, SBCAS will do everything they can to help with the process, including a free spay surgery.

Until then, Maxine’s caregivers at the shelter will continue holding her paws and keeping her company while she waits for her happily ever after.

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