The truth about "alien children" gives netizens goosebumps and fierce debate

The truth about “alien children” gives netizens goosebumps and fierce debate

An Instagram account named Artshub shared a video showing children with adorable chubby faces, but the strange thing is that their skin is blue in some parts, dark in some light, and at the same time pale. It has a long tail and ears that look no different from the aliens that often appear in science fiction movies.

Quickly after that, the video attracted the attention of many Instagram netizens with 2.5 million views, but it also divided the online community with fierce controversy.

If you couldn’t touch it with your own hands, would you think this is a real person?

Netizens are divided into two camps, one side thinks these babies are adorable, the other finds them terrifying.

Some people believe that the images are fake, cut from some 3D movie, many people claim that they are “flesh and flesh” children who have been dressed up to look like them. creature in the movie.

In the video, a person uses his hands to massage the babies as if they were real people, making many people even more skeptical and unable to tell the difference.

It is a product of the Spanish toy company Babyclon, a company that specializes in producing extremely realistic dolls. These dolls are so real that even if you touch them with your own eyes, you will hardly be able to tell them apart.

The idea of making these baby dolls comes from the Navi tribe residents living on the planet Pandora in the blockbuster movie “Avatar”.

The special thing is that the dolls are made so lifelike that many people mistakenly think they are newborn babies dressed up.

In the video, the woman also shows the baby’s tail, which in the film is considered the key to species communication and changes color to show their mood.

The advertising image was posted on Babyclon’s Facebook page on July 10. These baby dolls even have the same weight and length as real newborn babies.

However, the price to own these “adorable alien babies” is not small. According to ads on Facebook, you will have to spend 2,535 USD (nearly 59 million VND) to take home a baby.

Some images of babyclon company’s life-like dolls:












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