The truly lucky man dug up the world's largest gold nugget using a metal detector weighing a whopping 875 troy ounces, a 61-pound nugget of pure gold worth more than $1 million.

The truly lucky man dug up the world’s largest gold nugget using a metal detector weighing a whopping 875 troy ounces, a 61-pound nugget of pure gold worth more than $1 million.

Nevada is one of the largest gold sources in the entire world. In 2015 alone, Nevada produced nearly 5,340,000 troy ounces of gold worth a whopping $6.194 billion. This represents 78 percent of all gold produced in the United States and 5.4 percent of the world’s total gold production. Appropriately located in the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas is the world’s largest gold nugget. Discovered in Victoria, Australia, with a regular guy and his metal detector, this incredible nugget is now on permanent display at this Las Vegas landmark.

The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino is located at 129 E. Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

This largest gold nugget in the world has been dubbed the Hand of Faith.

This incredible discovery was not found by a mining company or prospector searching for his/her fortune during the great California gold rush of 1849

Instead, the Hand of Faith was discovered in 1980 by a regular guy in Wedderburn, Australia who was trying out his new “toy.”

This regular guy was Kevin Hillier who found the nugget on 16 September 1980 behind the old Kingower school in central Victoria, Australia.

In a true stroke of luck, Hillier managed to find the largest golden nugget ever located with a metal detector – and the second largest nugget ever discovered period. Weighing a whopping 875 troy ounces, this 61-pound lump of pure gold was found less than twelve inches below the surface. In fact, Hillier admitted he almost didn’t even bother to dig it up because he believed his metal detector to be malfunctioning. This incredible nugget measures 47 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm.

After much publicity and press conferences, Hillier decided to sell his impressive discovery.

He sold the nugget (appropriately enough) to the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino for more than $1 million.

The site of the nugget’s discovery is forever immortalized by this historic marker.

The nugget is located in a hallway near the hotel’s lobby. Despite its price rising and falling with market fluctuations, it remains quite a sight to behold. Oh, and photographing the nugget is especially frowned upon.

This world’s largest gold nugget is truly a sight to behold. Even though it was not discovered in Nevada, one of the world’s leading producers of gold, it has found its home here. Have you seen this impressive gold nugget up close and personal? Please share your thoughts below.


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