The swamp king must also accept the laws of nature: Witness the thrilling clash and discover the ultimate winner

The swamp king must also accept the laws of nature: Witness the thrilling clash and discover the ultimate winner

A photographer managed to capture the moment a baby alligator in Florida was devoured by a giant bird over the weekend.

The amazing images posted on Facebook by Danny Gilliam on Sunday show a Great Blue Heron eating a large juvenile alligator in Florida’s Lake Apopka.

The pictures have since gone viral, and as of Tuesday, they’ve been shared more than 71,000 times while generating some 11,000 reactions.

A Great Blue Heron was photographed eating a juvenile alligator at a Florida lake

Danny Gilliam snapped the photographs while on an outing in Florida’s Lake Apopka over the weekend

The incredible images show the bird devouring the helpless alligator

In 2017, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute posted a video of a heron devouring a baby alligator.

‘Great blue herons eat nearly anything within striking distance, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, insects and other birds,’ FWC wrote.

‘This large, wading bird is a familiar sight to most Floridians.

‘It’s a permanent resident of wetlands throughout the state, often seen along ponds, lakes and canals in housing developments.’

As of Tuesday, Gilliam’s images generated more than 71,000 shares

The bird is seen gulping down the juvenile alligator in Florida’s Lake Apopka

The adolescent alligator was apparently too young to survive in the wild.

In the first years of an alligator’s life, they tend to eat small animals and stay near the water, surviving on insects, snails, worms, birds, and small fish.

The juvenile alligator stays with the mother for about three years before venturing out on their own in the wild.

After growing to a length of about four feet, the alligators is considered invulnerable in the wild.

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