The Rock's kind heart: Dwayne Johnson donated a huge amount of money to charity after playing a game of rock, paper, scissors with famous YouTuber MrBeast but lost.

The Rock’s kind heart: Dwayne Johnson donated a huge amount of money to charity after playing a game of rock, paper, scissors with famous YouTuber MrBeast but lost.

Dwayne Johnson is a competitive person and never likes to lose. Recently, The Rock had a ‘rock-paper-scissors’ game with the famous YouTuber MrBeast which he lost.

However, this ‘defeat’ against the YouTuber was something that happened for a good cause. DJ agreed with the stipulation of the game, which made it sure why he is “The People’s Champion”.

Recently, Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast shared a video on his YouTube channel. In the video, he plays rock-paper-scissors with Dwayne Johnson, who was promoting Black Adam in New York. The promotion was a part of his Black Adam World Tour.

Before the game, MrBeast said, “If you beat me, I’ll donate $100,000 to charity whichever one you want.”

After two rounds, which went in a draw, Donaldson said, “Oh, he’s not predictable!” 


However, DJ once again asked about the stipulation. MrBeast said it’s the same as previously. The Rock also gave another stipulation, saying, “And if you win, I will match that and donate a $100,000 to any charity you want.”

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Both celebrities asked each other if they were ready for another round and they started the round. The Rock lost the match when MrBeast had a paper sign and he made a ‘rock’ sign, ironically!

Nonetheless, DJ’s loss was for a good cause. The former WWE champ instantly said he’ll donate to any charity the YouTuber wants. However, Donaldson, who won, still wanted to donate and said to Johnson they both would do charity to Make A Wish, which The Rock selected. Notably, in any case, it was already certain that both of them would do the best deed by donating to the good cause.

Dwayne Johnson supports multiple charity foundations

After making a fortune of $800 million, we often see the kind heart of The Rock as he helps a lot of people in need. He is an active philanthropist, which is one of the reasons why people respect him. Johnson is always ahead when there are things done for a good cause.


Dwayne Johnson loves to make children happy and supports various charities & foundations that do good for kids. As per Look to the Stars website, Johnson supports 12 foundations.


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Those foundations are Beacon Experience Boot Campaign, DJ Rock Foundation, I Have a Dream Foundation, Kids Wish Network, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Make The Difference Network, Parkinson Society Maritime Region, Red Cross, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, Starlight Children’s Foundation and Until There’s a Cure.

Surely, DJ is active when it comes to giving back to the world. Moreover, there are several other good causes the WWE legend makes donations to outside of the above 12 names.

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