The poor little elephant was thrown into the air by an aggressive bull for an unexpected reason

A poor little baby elephant was captured on footage as it was t.h.r.o.w.n in the air by an aggressive bull.

The calf was filmed being s.h.o.v.e.d along by the bull elephant’s trunk before the impatient male loses his temper.

He picks it up the 200-pound baby into the air before unceremoniously dropping him to one side.

The baby can be heard screaming in alarm as he does so.

The bull helps the baby get up before deciding that he isn’t out of the way enough and s.h.o.v.e.s him some more.

Eventually the baby’s mother comes along and ensures her baby’s OK.

The bull goes off chasing her, leaving the poor baby all alone amidst a heard of the huge beasts.

The poor little baby is h.u.r.l.e.d into the air by the angry bull elephant

Even after he t.u.m.b.l.e.s to the ground the bull continues to nudge and s.h.o.v.e him

The poor little animal is left all alone wondering what happened

Amazingly, the bull continues to pick on the baby and is later filmed s.h.o.v.i.n.g it to the side again.

The footage was captured by tourists in the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa by nature guide Jeni Smithies and photographer Lloyd Carter.

Remarkably the bull picks up the baby again as two female elephants look on

The footage was shot during the elephant’s mating season, which helps explain the bull’s aggression

One of them can be overheard saying they’ve never seen anything like it.

They speculate that the bizarrely aggressive move might be a way for the bull to show off his strength during mating season.

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