The mother elephant was seriously injured to the bone, lying motionless next to the amniotic sac, leading to the search for the lost newborn elephant and a touching reunion (Video)

The mother elephant was seriously injured to the bone, lying motionless next to the amniotic sac, leading to the search for the lost newborn elephant and a touching reunion (Video)

In the unpredictable world of wildlife rescue, a recent incident at Shimba Hills National Reserve unfolded with unexpected twists.

Responding to a distress call on April 16, our team discovered an elephant ensnared by a tight cable around her front leg, causing a severe bone-deep wound.

Stranded and separated from her herd, she faced a dire situation, but the timely intervention of our Sky Vet team brought a miraculous turnaround, enabling her to stand again.

Little did we anticipate that the lives of not just one but two elephants hung in the balance. The elephant in distress turned out to be youthful and pregnant.

Following the removal of the cable, our team applied green clay, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatories for treatment.

Astonishingly, a few days later, during routine De-Snaring operations, a surprising discovery unfolded – a newborn baby elephant.

This adorable calf, found on private property connecting Shimba Hills National Reserve and Mwaluganje, had wandered off after birth and became disoriented.

Determining its mother posed a challenge amid numerous elephants in the vicinity. However, confirmation came with the discovery of the amniotic sac near the recovering mother’s location.

With the parentage confirmed, a delicate reunion process began. The experienced KWS/SWT team carefully facilitated the calf’s journey back to its mother.

Although initially struggling to find its mother’s teats, likely due to a premature birth, the mother’s protective instincts kicked in, ensuring a positive outcome.

Following the calf’s birth, close monitoring revealed the duo’s progress. Despite the mother’s injury, they covered about four kilometers per day and eventually joined a herd, signaling positive development.

The mother and baby are believed to be in the area, spending their days deep in the forest and emerging at night.

We’re providing them the space needed for recovery and proximity to friends in the protected forest to avoid disruption.

Fortunately, the baby won’t face the challenges of growing up alone, as the herd will offer support.

While ongoing monitoring continues, we stand ready to assist in the mother’s recovery if needed.


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