The letter attached to the suffering dog made the adoptive man shed tears

The letter attached to the suffering dog made the adoptive man shed tears

Siggy the dog was rescued from a busy road after being abandoned, and a soggy note attached to her collar explained why her owner wasn’t able to take care of her anymore

A man broke down in tears on the side of the road after reading a note tied to the collar of an abandoned dog he found in a state of real distress.

Lionel Vytialingam was buying food when he heard car horns and saw a small terrified dog weaving in and out of traffic in Ipoh, Malaysia.

He jumped in his car and followed the abandoned dog until he was able to get close enough to approach the animal.

Lionel saw the dog had a soggy note attached to its collar with a rubber band, but didn’t try to retrieve it until he had gained its trust.

After about 10 minutes, the dog plucked up the courage to approach him and Lionel carefully removed the note, while holding on to her ‘sticky knots of fur’, hoping it contained the owner’s contact details or an address.

Lionel found Siggy in a bad condition on a busy road (


Lionel Keith Vytialingam/Jam Press)

Instead, he found a heartbreaking message which read: “Woof! Hi! My name is Siggy and I’m the most loving and attentive doggy you’ll ever see.

Siggy looked far happier after a bath and comfy sleep (


He picked her up and took her home (


“I am a goldendoodle, I am five years old this year and I have not been neutered. I am very nice, I haven’t bitten anyone, ever!

“I am a good guard dog who will sit in front of your door all day, and bark at anyone who comes to your gate. Until you tell me to stop. Or if I know the person very well. I can do some tricks too!

“I hope you’ll accept me. With love and some woof, Siggy.”

The note was tied to her collar with an elastic band (


Lionel Keith Vytialingam/Jam Press)


The note left Lionel in tears and he decided to take the poor pup home, where he fed and bathed her, dried her off and let her sleep in a cosy bed he created under the safety of his sofa.

His previously adopted dog Sammo didn’t get along with Siggy, so Lionel’s brother is taking care of him while Lionel and Siggy stay in temporary accomodation.

“People should not bring home pets unless they’re ready for the commitment that it involves, and if ever they need to part with the pet, abandonment should never be even considered an option.

“This little girl (Siggy) found me, and thank God for that. I still shudder to think of others out there just like her, purebred or not, with or without a note.”


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