“The journey of English Puppies: dogs keep each other warm on the cold street waiting for their owners to return to a cozy home filled with love and care”

“The journey of English Puppies: dogs keep each other warm on the cold street waiting for their owners to return to a cozy home filled with love and care”

Kona and Oscar’s long search for a loving family finally came to an end after a passerby stumbled upon them loitering by the roadside.

Two little puppy siblings were cuddled up together on the sidewalk of a bustling road in Palmdale, a city in California’s Los Angeles County. They were likely hoping that someone would come along and offer them assistance, as they were living on the cold streets and at risk of being run over.

As the little pups bravely made their way across the street, a compassionate lady spotted them and rushed to their aid. With their safety in mind, she quickly got in touch with MaeDay Rescue, and help was quickly dispatched to save these precious young animals.

The malnourished pups were eager to follow their saviors and in no time, they were comfortably seated in the back of a vehicle, ready to be transported to a secure location for their recovery. According to a spokesperson from MaeDay Rescue who spoke to The Dodo, both dogs exhibited submissiveness, making it easy to pick them up despite their fear. Once they were settled in the car, the puppies, later named Kona and Oscar, were able to relax completely, and their individual personalities started to shine through. While Kona was more serene and affectionate, Oscar was a lively young pup with a mischievous streak. Nevertheless, both dogs were described as lovely and intelligent by the representative.

The puppies have recovered quickly from their ordeal and are back to their active and joyful selves. This makes them excellent candidates for adoption, and all they needed was the ideal family to take them in. Kona was the first to find a forever home, and the rescue service shared on Instagram that she will never be abandoned again. Her new family dotes on her and gives her all the love she deserves. Oscar also found a loving home soon after, and he has already formed a strong bond with his older brother. MaeDay Rescue expressed their happiness that Oscar has found the right family, and they feel blessed to have played a part in his happy ending.

Despite their rough start, it’s clear that these siblings will never have to endure the struggles of independence again, as they have transitioned from being homeless to relishing the comforts of a secure home.


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