The heartwarming story of a small wire-haired puppy who refused to leave his injured friend until he was rescued safely.

The heartwarming story of a small wire-haired puppy who refused to leave his injured friend until he was rescued safely.

“It was complete loyalty” ❤️

On New Year’s Eve last year, dog rescuer Suzette Hall received a frantic call from a driver on a local freeway. The Good Samaritan reported seeing two pups run across the busy highway in Southern California, and they were worried that one, or both, were injured.

Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue, rushed immediately to an embankment on the shoulder of the highway, where the pups were last seen. She searched the nearby brush before finding a large Great Pyrenees unable to move, and a small wire-haired pup refusing to leave her side.

“It was complete loyalty,” Hall told The Dodo.

At first glance, Hall noticed that the little pup was unharmed — he could move and run around as he pleased. But his large friend, although alert, lay still on the ground. And Hall could see in her eyes that she was scared.

As shaken up as the poor girl was by the ordeal, her tiny best friend, later named Ambrose, made her feel better just by being there.

“Ambrose was not going to leave her behind on the side of that freeway,” Hall said. “I cannot even begin to tell you how happy he was that we were there to save her. He was jumping up and down.”

With the help of her fellow rescuers, Hall grabbed ahold of Ambrose and secured him in her van. Then, she carefully lifted the Great Pyrenees, later named Seraphina, to safety.

Hall rushed the pups straight to the vet, where she got even better news than she was hoping for. Ambrose was perfectly healthy, and Seraphina’s leg, which Hall worried could be broken, was OK. The only injury she had was a small, surface-level wound that was easily treated.

Seraphina is still at the vet since her rescue, recovering from the accident and her minor injuries. Ambrose has since gone into foster care, but they won’t be separated for long.

“Ambrose is with a foster until she heals, and then we are going to put them back together,” Hall said.

As for now, Hall is splitting her time between checking in on Seraphina at the vet and Ambrose at his foster home. Even though they’re apart, the pups’ reactions to seeing their rescuer are always the same.

“Both of them are beyond grateful,” Hall said. “Seraphina was getting up on her back feet and putting her arms around me, giving me nonstop hugs. I have never seen two dogs so happy and grateful to be rescued.”

To inquire about adopting Seraphina and Ambrose, reach out to Suzette Hall on Facebook.

To help pups like Seraphina and Ambrose get the help they need, you can donate to Logan’s Legacy here.



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