The Great Escape: The zebra quickly knocked away the hungry lioness' claws with a back kick straight to the face, stunning the lion

The Great Escape: The zebra quickly knocked away the hungry lioness’ claws with a back kick straight to the face, stunning the lion

This is the dramatic moment a zebra escaped the clutches of a lion after being ambushed by the big cat when it crossed a river in Kenya.

Footage shows the predator leap at the zebra and briefly gain a grip before its prey kicks up its hind legs and gallops out of harm’s way.

Safari tourists Graham Boulnois and his wife Jenny Varley filmed the encounter in the Maasai Mara.

Intense moment nimble zebra shakes off hungry lion ambush

The lioness briefly gained a grip on the Zebra before it managed to escape and gallop across a nearby river in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

Footage shows the big cat clinging on to the zebra’s backside. It was filmed by Graham Boulnois and his wife Jenny Varley

The video starts with the lion prowling near the river before the zebra walks through the water towards it, blissfully unaware of the impending danger.

However, as the zebra approaches the bank the lioness, leaps from its hiding place behind a grassy mound.

The startled zebra spins around, kicks its back legs in the air and turns towards the water.

The lioness briefly gets a grip on her prey but the determined zebra bucks and shakes it off.

The zebra makes its escape and the thwarted big cat does not give chase.

Watching the exchange, Graham said: ‘We had seen many lions that day and we were a little disappointed that there would be no leopard close by.

To escape the zebra kicked both its feet into the air, which caused the lion to back down

The herd animal had just crossed the river when it was surprised by the big cat

‘However, we saw that a small herd of zebra were on the same side of the river as the lioness.

‘We noticed that the lioness’s feet were wet and surmised she had tried to take one of the zebras as they crossed the river but had failed.

‘We then realised why she was waiting hidden by the riverbank – two of the herd had still to cross the river and were clearly very nervous given her previous attack attempts.

‘Finally, one of the zebras made its move and the lioness pounced.

‘The zebra reacted by kicking out and very nearly did some serious damage to the lioness.

‘Both were lucky to survive the encounter.’

When it first spotted the lion the zebra hurriedly turned to gallop back across the river

Lionesses rarely hunt alone, preferring to stalk herds and pick off the young, weak and old members in packs.

It appears this was a chance attack by the lion.

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