The dog stayed up all night to take care of his іпjᴜгed friend who was in a car сгаѕһ on the main road, helping him all night until he went to the һoѕріtаɩ.

When rescuers tried to reach the stray dog lying injured on the roadside, its loyal pal became aggressive at first until they won over its trust to take it to a vet

A loyal dog remained at its injured friend’s side after the stray was hit by a car.

Pictures capture the canine sticking by its pal as it lay injured on the roadside.

The heartwarming photos show the dog in Brazil waiting until help arrived the following morning.

The stray dog was struck on a main road in the centre of the municipality of Iguatu on the afternoon of February 14.

In scenes that have since gone viral online, another dog was filmed lying by the injured pooch’s side.

It remained there the whole night until a local charity came to its rescue, the Daily Star Online reports.

The protective pooch looks after the injured dog

“We were unable to go to the location on Sunday afternoon because we had no available vets, but on Monday morning we received news that both of them were in the same place,” nurse Marina Assuncao said.

“I went there with my friend, who is a vet, and we took the injured dog to a clinic.”

When the women approached the injured animals, the caring dog by its side became aggressive but they eventually managed to win over its trust.

A charity rescued the dog and took it for treatment

She added: “It stayed close to the injured dog the whole time, it licked it and ran its paws over its body as if it were trying to revive it.

“When we put the injured pooch in the car, the other one had already jumped on the seat and stayed with its pal right up to the moment it received treatment in the clinic.”

The dog was given medication, food and water. It is still unable to walk but will soon be seen by an specialist to determine whether there have been any fractures to the ribs or spine.

Marina said she was taken aback by the “companionship” shown by the dog to its injured counterpart.

It is hoped the pups can be rehomed together

“We are not sure if they are siblings,” she addedå

“They must be the same age, between nine months and one year old, but we were taken by the companionship displayed by the other dog towards the injured one the whole time, from the moment of the accident to the arrival at the clinic and now at their temporary home.”

The non governmental organisation that rescued the stray, Adota Iguatu (Adopt Iguatu), is currently campaigning online to raise funds to continue the animal’s treatment.

It hopes the pair will later be put up for adoption.


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