The dog asked for another slice of bread because he didn't know when his next meal would be

The dog asked for another slice of bread because he didn’t know when his next meal would be

Seven-week-old Gunnar was living on the streets when Sidewalk Specials, a rescue dedicated to saving dogs from abusive situations, came across him – he has now been rehomed into a loving family


Not every dog is placed into a loving home shortly after their arrival into this world – some have to spend their lives on the streets.

Seven-week-old Gunnar was wandering around scared and alone in Groendal, Franschhoek, in South Africa, when Sidewalk Specials came across him.

The animal rescue centre, dedicated to saving dogs from abusive situations, fell in love with the puppy almost instantly and knew he would make the perfect pet to the right person.

When the team approached Gunnar, he greeted them with a slice of bread, which he had been carrying around with him so he could munch on it when he got hungry.

Sharing his story on Facebook, a spokesperson said: “The previous week, his family had been handed in for euthanasia but luckily for Gunnar, he was mistakenly left behind.

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He happily shared his bread with the rescuers

“Gunnar is anaemic and suffering from tick bite fever, having one of the worst worm and tick infestations we’ve seen. He also has an eye infection requiring attention.

The puppy spent about one week at the vets before being put up for adoption in Cape Town at one of the rescue’s pre-organised rehoming events.

Gunnar has been living with his owner Freya ever since, who has described him as a “super curious” dog who wanted to “discover everything”.


He has secured a new home

She says the tiny puppy, who is about half the size of her arm, has an unusual obsession with rocks – and will spend hours searching for the ‘perfect’ one to gift her with.

But Gunnar isn’t the only dog to have been saved from the streets by Sidewalk Specials, as Scribble was taken into their care after he started following strangers home.

Poor Scribble was living on the streets as a stray when he started following people in hope they’d accept him into their family.

The three-month-old was picked up by rescuers in Manenberg, Cape Town, with an injured leg.

A Sidewalks Specials spokesperson said: “Scribble was kicked so hard he now walks with a permanent limp. He was trying to follow people home in the hope of receiving some love.

“Within hours of rescue he was booked to go on Expresso Morning Shows adoption segment, all thanks to Hill’s pet nutrition. What a difference a day made for this little homeless puppy.”

Although Scribble wasn’t able to secure a home by following strangers on the street, his five minutes of fame helped him land a loving family.

The spokesperson added: “Scribble is very much adopted. His home checks passed, his forms are filled and his mommies and fur brother are waiting in anticipation!”

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