The раіп of a dog аЬапdoпed on the street when used as bait for dog fіɡһtіпɡ

These heart-breaking pictures show the horrific injuries believed to have been inflicted on a dog used as ‘bait.’

The mixed-breed dog was so weak she was unable to walk and described as being on ‘death’s door’ when she was found abandoned on a street.

The pup had bleeding paws, ulcerated eyes, torn ears and a ‘haunted look in her eyes’ when she was found abandoned on a street.

Experts who checked her over said her injuries were consistent with being used as ‘bait’ in dog fights.

The dog has since been renamed Peggy and she is now eating five meals a day to regain her strength.

A spokesperson for the charity said: ‘Our team have sadly seen many horrific sights over the years, but a dog in Peggy’s state never fails to shock us to the core.

‘Her poor body could not take much more and she had no reserves left to call on, she was close to giving up.

‘Her cry for help came when we didn’t even have an empty kennel to spare, but we simply cannot say no to the most desperate needy dogs who have no-one else.’

They said that judging by her weight and size, Peggy is probably part whippet, mixed with a small bull breed.

The spokesperson added: ‘She is typical of the kind of mixed-breed dog who is attractive to disgusting dog fighters. Our vets think she is about four years old and she has clearly had repeated injuries and long-standing wounds.’

Fortunately Peggy is putting on weight thanks to her five daily portions of chicken.

The charity is now working alongside the League Against Cruel Sports to try to establish who is responsible for this horrific cruelty to Peggy, and to bring them to justice.

They have appealed for donations to continue to care for dogs like Peggy.

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