Terrified dog rescued after getting stuck in rabbit hole for 56 hours

A TERRIFIED terrier sees daylight for the first time in more than two days after getting stuck down a rabbit hole.

Flossie had to be dug out of a nearby garden after a neighbour heard a muffled bark from underground.

Flossie was rescued after being trapped in a rabbit hole for 56 hoursCredit: SWNS

The terrified pet was dehydrated and hungry after being rescuedCredit: SWNS

The wayward pet went missing last Monday afternoon and it was 56 hours before she was pulled out, dehydrated and hungry.

Distraught owner Bracken Jelier put out pleas on Facebook for friends and family to keep an eye out for Flossie near her home in Crediton, Devon.

She suspected the dog had “gone rabbiting and got lost”, but with so many warrens in the area the search was almost impossible — until her neighbour heard the sorry bark.

Bracken said: “We are over the moon to say that Flossie has been found.

“Other than being a little dehydrated and underweight, she is absolutely fine.”

Flossie’s neighbours alerted her owner after they heard a muffled bark from undergroundCredit

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