Take time oᴜt for lunch! The moment a leopard uses іпсгedіЬɩe strength to kіɩɩ an antelope and dгаɡ it up a tree to eаt

Showing incredible strength as she drags a gazelle up a tree by the neck, this leopardess proves that there is nothing a mother will not do to get dinner on the table.

These images capture the moment a ruthless leopard kills a gazelle and drags the carcass up a tree before inviting her teenage cub to enjoy dinner al fresco in the top branches.

The leopardess was seen chasing the Grants gazelle across the savannah of Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, before slaying it and grabbing it by the neck.


Heavy lunch: A leopard was spotted dragging its prey up a tree on the Serengeti, Tanzania


One step at a time: With astonishing strength, the leopard hauls the gazelle up the trunk by the neck


Al fresco dining: The stunning leopardess drags the dead gazelle to a suitable spot

After transporting her ‘Sunday roast’ to safety from other predators, the leopardess allows her cub to follow her up into the treetops where the pair ate the gazelle.

Archna said: ‘The leopardess looked beautiful, and as I sat there, happily taking as many pictures of her as I could, she surveyed the savannah.

‘When leopards make a kill, it is usually a tiring experience, and it was no different with this leopardess, who looked a little worn out after bagging the gazelle.

‘Her expressions, as you can see were mesmerizing.’

S-lay the table: The leopard is happy with its catch contemplates in which setting to invite its friend for dinner

Prep work: Having slayed the Grants gazelle, the leopard grabs it by the neck and drags it across the savannah towards the tall tree

Carry home the meat: The predator appears to ponder how to get the large Grants gazelle all the way to the top of the tree

Come dine with me: A younger leopard, believed to be the cub of a hunting mother, looks longing towards the dinner presented at the top of the tree

‘Dinner is ready!’: The leopardess roars to the cub on the ground as she places the gazelle over a branch


‘Wash your paws!’: Even a leopard mother cares about her little ones’ manners at the dinner table

Munch time: The leopardess and her cub start enjoying the fruits of her labour – gazelle for dinner


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