Stuck after crawling into basement drain pipe and going deeper than 15 feet. 4-week-old dog stuck in drain pipe for over 12 HOURS

Stuck after crawling into basement drain pipe and going deeper than 15 feet. 4-week-old dog stuck in drain pipe for over 12 HOURS

Wrapped up in a towel, this four-week-old puppy was saved after more than 12 hours stuck underground in a drain pipe.

Rescue workers had to dig a 16-foot hole in the ground to free the puppy, which became trapped in Detroit, Michigan.

The owner said that the Puggle-Daschund mix became stuck after crawling into the basement drain pipe and venturing more than 15 foot.

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Saved: The four-month-old Puggle-Daschund mix became stuck after crawling into a basement drainpipe and squeezing more than 15 feet

Search: The puppy’s owners called the Michigan Humane Society, plumbers and a local excavation company to help the tiny pooch out of the pipe


When the puppy had not emerged from the pipe the next morning, the worried owner called in the Michigan Humane Society, plumbers and a local excavation company.

A rescue party used their hands, shovels and a digger to try and free the little dog.


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The dog’s owner, who didn’t want to be named, said that you could hear the puppy whimpering the whole time workers dug the hole.

‘It was crying and I was crying all night,’ she told local station WXYZ. ‘I felt so bad.’


Great lengths: A digger removed the soil around the pipe

Nearly there: Once the soil was cleared, the rescuers removed the pipe

Aaron Baughey, who owned the digger used in the rescue, told the station: ‘I couldn’t go home tonight if we’d left that little dog in there. My wouldn’t let me come home.’

After more than 12 hours underground, the puppy was finally freed when workers managed to cut a hole in the three-inch cast-iron pipe that connects a storm drain line beneath the house.

The puppy, who was slightly dehydrated, was reunited with its mother and is said to be doing well.

He’s free! The rescuer reached under the house to find the cowering puppy

Back home: The puppy, who was cold and hungry, was reunited with its mother

Kevin Hatman, of the Michigan Humane Society, which coordinated the rescue, told the Detroit News that the puppy was ‘a little cold, a little hungry, but in a good condition considering her ordeal’.

The puppy is yet to be named by his owners.

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