Shocking transformation: “Dog found with ‘unrecognizable’ messy hair after getting a new haircut”

A little dog left unrecognisable after its coat was not cut for months has been transformed with a new hairdo.

The terrier-type dog was found in a sorry state with a mass of matted fur covering its face, body and feet during an inspection by RSPCA workers.

The once shaggy dog shrunk dramatically in size after it received a full shave.

An RSPCA spokesperson for south-east England said: ‘His owners worked with us to get him the help that he needed and after a good clip, he looked like a completely different dog!

‘He will now be feeling a lot more comfortable and happier. We will always try to work with pet owners in instances like this.

‘Often this is done through education, awareness and sharing welfare advice.

‘We’re pleased that our intervention here was able to help this dog.’

The dog was able to return home following the shave.

The dog joins the likes of Skye, Scratch, Berry and Stella who recently underwent transformations.

The terrified animals had been found shivering in a box in Surrey.

All four dogs were suffering from scabies, a severe, painful and highly contagious skin condition which often leads to open sores, scabs and hair loss.

They were rushed to Battersea’s London centre where they were cared for until they could be rehomed.

A Jack Russell has adopted six abandoned kittens, and it’s adorable

Meanwhile, another four-legged success story comes in the form of Maddie.

The French bulldog had completely ‘shut down’ following neglect at the hands of her previous owner.

She was underweight, had chronic eye conditions and a whole host of other medical issues.

Maddie was put into the care of Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (Bristol ARC) while she went through complex treatment for her painful eye conditions and rehabilitation.

Her carer, Rachel, said: ‘Once she had received treatment for her medical issues and started to feel safe around us, she came out of her shell.’

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