Second chance for miserable dog: Hope to rescue dog despite giant tumor and abandonment

Last week, Pawtcake received a distressing message via her WhatsApp. Someone had seen a dog dragging a cable through its beak, and upon taking a closer look, they discovered that the poor pup had a massive tumor. The dog was scared and was still hiding behind a piece of paper, making it look like he had probably been abandoned recently.

The Pawtcake team knew they had to act fast. They lured the dog with some food and planned to catch it in a trap. Once they had the dog in their care, they discovered that he had been left on an empty construction site, with no shelter or resources to survive. He was hungry and they knew they had to act quickly to save his life.

After calming him down with some food, they took him to the vet, who confirmed that the tumor weighed at least 12 pounds, if not more. The team was devastated by the benches, but they did not give up. They worked tirelessly to prepare the dog for surgery, making sure he was as comfortable as possible.

One day before his surgery, the team gave the dog a name: Tυmor, Goodbye! They knew the surgery would be difficult, but they were optimistic about their chances. The operation was successful and the tumor recovered quickly.

The Pawtcake team was thrilled to see Tυmor’s transformation. He was a happy and healthy dog, with a new chance at life. They knew they had made a real difference and it was incredibly rewarding to see the impact of his hard work. They were reminded again that it is very rewarding to help these poor lives.


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