Pyramidion, the sacred stone that crowned the Egyptian pyramids and obelisks

Pyramidion, the sacred stone that crowned the Egyptian pyramids and obelisks

The pyramidion is the stone piece with a pyramidal shape that was located in the highest part of the obelisks and pyramids.

It symbolized the place where the solar god Ra  or Amun-Ra perched, on the top of the monument, as the point of union between Heaven and Earth.

The pyramidion used to be made with materials such as limestone as Tura, in the Red pỷamid of  Sneferu ( Fourth Dynasty of Egypt ), or black granite, as in that of the Pyramid of Khendjer ( 13th dynasty ).

This piece was coated generally of gold, bronze, electrum or other alloy metals, to reflect the rays of the sun.

Pyramidion of Amenemhat III

The pyramidion of Amenemhat III is a small pyramidal stone that topped the Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III, sixth pharaoh of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt, which is considered one of the great monarchs of the Middle Kingdom.

Ruled from approx. 1853/52 to 1807/06 BC, according to von Beckerath.

The piece was discovered in 1990, among the ruins of the black pyramid. The piece is on permanent display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt.

Close-up of the Pyramidion of the Pyramid of Amenemhat III at Dahshur. Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Pyramidion of king’s writer Pauty (RMO Leiden, Saqqara)

Pyramidion of Ramose in Deir el-Medina

Restored pyramidion, originally located on the top of the Red pyramid

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