Probaly Stayed In The Dark Room For His Entire Life, His Heart Pumped Hard When We Got Him Out

My heart was broken when we rescued Moka on June 11th. He was discovered with other dogs in a puppy factory. Someone had rented the facility to run their business, but their operation had been discovered, forcing them to abandon these helpless creatures, leaving them hungry and desperate. We decided to take the puppies in right away because they were young and in poor health.

The dogs were eventually rescued by police and municipal authorities, but their trauma was severe. We rushed them to our veterinarian so they could receive the necessary care and treatment. They performed admirably despite their difficult circumstances.

Moka, along with two other small puppies, required special attention. Moka was the most frail of the group, and he needed oxygen and a blood transfusion at an emergency care facility. We remained optimistic that he would live.

The next day, we took Moka for additional blood testing. He was malnourished, with diseased skin that gave him the appearance of a bag of bones. As a result of his trauma, he was also afraid of people. Meanwhile, the other puppies matured and were adopted. Others were placed in other shelters because we were unable to accommodate everyone.

Moka and the other two puppies accompanied us. Moka received his vaccines, but he remained imprisoned for another week, necessitating medical attention. After his first brother, Nabi, was adopted, it was Xabi’s turn. Despite his progress, Moka appeared frail and less appealing to potential users.

My heart went out to Moka, even though I knew it wasn’t his fault. We promised to look after him and provide him with the best possible care.

After a week, Moka began to show signs of improvement. His appetite grew as he began eating on his own. We made sure he got enough sunlight, which helped his immune system even though he still needed medical attention every few days. Medicated baths were used to treat his skin condition.

By day 15, Moka had come a long way. He was eating almost raw food on his own, had grown accustomed to medicated baths, and his behavior had significantly improved. We were convinced that Moka would soon be the ideal pet, a testament to animals’ incredible tenacity when provided with the love and care they require.

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