Old woman who lived in shoe nursery rhyme ‘proved real’ as boot house found in UK woods

Urban explorers for Abandoned UK have discovered a tiny moss-covered “boot” house that they claim once housed a woman in the 1950s, just like the classic nursery rhyme

Urban explorers have unearthed a boot-shaped house hidden deep inside some woods in the UK, with parallels to the nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in a shoe.

The tiny, moss-covered property seems to have been forgotten for decades as leaves and vines have begun climbing the walls to take the house back to nature.

The stone shape of the boot looks perfectly preserved, while its wooden roof has certainly seen better days.

Peeking in through the window, explorers were able to see that some of the structure has collapsed, making it an unsafe place to play – or even live as the Abandoned UK Facebook page claim a woman once lived inside in the 50s.

In a Facebook post, the explorers explained: “This took some finding but we did it, so after walking through the woods for ages trying to find the boot we finally saw it at the bottom of a steep cliff.

“We eventually made it down in one piece almost like rock climbing at some stages. Apparently, a woman lived in the boot in the 1950s.

“Although there isn’t anything stating this just stuff we have read online.

“Kids used to play on the boot in the 70’s & 80’s as well, this is definitely something different and the detail that went into making it. The small video below hope you enjoy it.”

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The story of the woman living inside the obscure home reminded fans of the nursery rhyme of the woman who lived in a shoe.

One user said: “Is this where the “there was an Old woman who lives in a shoe” tale from childhood comes from?”

Another wrote: “I wonder if she had so many children, she didn’t know what to do! Great find really love it.”

A third added: “That is absolutely amazing .. would be tough living in that though.”

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A fourth said: “Her landlord must have gave her the boot so she lived in this.”

The poem of The Little Old Woman who lived in a Shoe originated in 1794, written by Mother Goose but has changed over the years, according to the American Literature website.

The last line in the 1794 edition which said that she “whipp’d all their bums, and sent them to bed” was changed in 1901 to “kissing” as a nod to more positive parenting methods.

However, others claim it was actually part of a theme park and had never had residents before.

One user said: “No one lived in it lol! It was part of a theme park.”

Another added: “It was also part of a previous resort that was there, so this is what’s left of it all, it was for the children to play in.”

Abandoned UK’s urban explorers never give out locations of their finds to protect them from vandalism.


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