Miraculous survival: The street dog who lost his nose when he was kissed by a train has finally found a loving home

Moaca, an 18-month-old street dog from Romania, was only a few months old when she was struck by a train and left for dead

Moaca, an 18-month-old street dog from Romania, was hit by a train and left for dead

A street dog who lost her nose when she was hit by a train has finally found a loving home after being rescued by an animal welfare charity.

Moaca, an 18-month-old street dog from Romania, was only a few months old when she was struck by a train and left for dead.

The poor pups face took the full force of the train, causing her to lose her snout, as well as a toe on one of her paws.

The German shepherd and husky mix was found in the nick of time and rushed to surgery by the Nomad Vet Association who managed to save her life during a five-hour touch and go operation. However, she was left without a snout.

The charity feared that she would not survive the harsh Romanian winter.

Luckily for Moaca her story was uploaded online which immediately drew a kind-hearted soul who wanted to give her a loving home

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Joel Wareman, 21-year-old, from Zoetermeer in the Netherlands, said: “I found Moaca on an online Marketplace.”

“To be very honest when I first saw her pictures I had to laugh and I thought what kind of a pug is this”

“Then I read her story and I burst into tears because I had ridiculed her”

“Her story was so sad and I immediately messaged the site telling them that I had to have her”

“I had contact with a Dutch spokesperson online and he arranged the transport from Romania to


“It was a smooth process and she arrived two and a half weeks later and we got to celebrate Christmas and New years eve together.”


Moaca with Joel Wareman who rescued her Despite her horrific start in life, Moaca, meaning “little face” in Romanian, is not in pain although her injuries make certain tasks more difficult.

“She makes a lot of mess when she eats and drinks and she can’t pick up little things but she can do everything else” Joel tell us.

Joel has been fundraising on her own website Moacalife.com in the hopes of getting a prosthetic snout for Moaca and to raise money for the charity that ultimately saved her life.

“I have a lot of contact with her rescuers and I always send them pictures and videos and sometimes they come to visit her.

“I want to collect money for them to be able to help more dogs in the way they have helped mine.

“Later I hope I can give Moaca a prosthetic snout but right now I’m searching for information about this.

“Moaca is loved so much by everybody she meets”


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