"Meet the Irresistibly Cute Rescue Puppy with Mini Cinnamon Roll Ears"

“Meet the Irresistibly Cute Rescue Puppy with Mini Cinnamon Roll Ears”

When Jen Deane first heard about a litter of puppies in need of rescue in rural Georgia, she figured they would be cute.

But she never imagined this.

All of the small, tan-colored puppies were equipped with adorably big, pointy ears — except for Cinnamon, whose ears curled inward like two tiny cinnamon rolls.

“I’ve never seen a dog with ears like hers,” Deane, president of Pit Sisters, told The Dodo. “Everyone can’t believe how adorable she is … and she’s even cuter in person!”

Once the rescue shared Cinnamon’s photo on its Facebook page, the internet quickly fell in love with her sweet face. Some Reddit users even pointed out that Cinnamon’s ears look like “victory rolls,” a hairstyle popular in the 1940s.

Her unique look has been shared thousands of times, earning a lot of attention for herself and her littermates, some of whom will be up for adoption soon.

While Cinnamon is healthy and enjoying life as a normal (and slightly famous) puppy now, it wasn’t always this way. Three weeks ago, she and her siblings had ended up at a public shelter with their parents nowhere in sight. Deane said it’s likely the pups escaped a neglectful owner; each of them was very skinny, dirty and infected with worms.

“They were only 5 weeks old but had not been well cared for at all,” Deane said. “We got them right to our vet where they could get immediate health care, and they’re all doing a lot better now.”

In a few weeks, all of the pups except two will be available for adoption. Deane has already fallen in love with Cinnamon’s brother, Zeke, and has decided to adopt him. Adorable Cinnamon has also found her forever home — with a loving family that has three other dogs.

The pups are 8 weeks old now and full of energy. While the whole litter is very playful and smart, Cinnamon is especially spunky.

She’s a special little girl — and she seems to know it.

“Cinnamon is very feisty, in a good way,” Deane said. “She’s really sweet and gets along well with other dogs. Her ears just match her personality — quirky and really fun.”

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