Loyal Dog Keeps Boy Company During His Time-Out

There is a reason that dogs are called man’s best friend. Simply put, they are. A dog will be loyal to their person until the end of time. Just look at 3-year-old Peyton and his dog, Dash.

When Peyton’s mom, Jillian Marie Smith, caught him fighting with his 3-year-old sister, Peyton had two punishment choices: go to his room or receive a time out.

Instead of going to his room, Peyton decided to go with a time out. He was sent to the usual time out spot, and he took his punishment by standing head against the wall.


But Peyton wasn’t alone in his punishment. The English mastiff, Dash, soon found his buddy and out of solidarity for his friend, decided to go on a time out as well.

Even though Peyton was being punished for misbehaving, Jillian couldn’t help but sneak a picture of the adorable moment.

She shared it to her Facebook, writing, “When you’re in time out but your best pal won’t let you serve your time alone.”

Now that is definitely a true friend right there.

The picture of boy and dog doing time out together has been shared more than 43,000 times. Jillian has also admitted as a mother that she can’t stay mad at her kids for long.

As she confessed to The Dodo, “I couldn’t be mad long because it was just so cute how Peyton wrapped his arm around Dash. When Peyton had to go to time-out, I think Dash knew he needed his buddy.”

Dash’s act of solidarity isn’t the only positive impact that he’s had on the family.


As Jillian revealed, “Dash has made life happier for the whole family. Most of all, for Peyton. If you ask Peyton, Dash is his buddy.”

Of course, the time out didn’t last forever, and soon before Peyton knew it he was free to continue playing with Dash. The two of them are inseparable buddies who do everything together from playing to cuddling. It is clear that they will be best buds for many years to come.

Stories like these remind us that dogs are truly incredible friends.


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