Losing teeth and broken jawbone is the ending a lion received after receiving a huge kick to the face while trying to hunt a 1-ton adult buffalo.

Losing teeth and broken jawbone is the ending a lion received after receiving a huge kick to the face while trying to hunt a 1-ton adult buffalo.

Breath-taking images show the plains battle between four hungry lionesses and a hefty pack of wild black buffalo

The big cats are seen eyeing-up their prey before cutting two away from their group – they then make quick chase

But as one of the lions pounces for the kill, its half-tonne nemesis kicks out, catching it clean on the head

Having won the first battle, the herd of buffalo then turn the tables and charge after the terrified lionesses who flee

These incredible photos show the moment a lioness goes in for the kill on an unsuspecting buffalo – but the quick-thinking half-tonne beast has other ideas.

The hungry lionesses were stalking a large herd of buffalo, and when two got separated from the pack the big cats made their move and pounced.

But the buffalo gave as good as he got, booting the lioness off before the whole herd joined him and chased the predators down.

Take that: A buffalo – cut off from his pack – fights back against a lioness who had sized him up for lunch. As the predator went in for the kill, she was given a hefty kick to the chops…before the tables turned completely

I’ll be having you instead: The buffalo then went after the lioness, chasing after her as she tried to make a desperate escape

Back to square one: Two of the magnificent beasts regroup on safer ground after their failed attempt at snagging a sizeable lunch

The amazing scenes were caught on camera in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Africa.

Photographer Julia Sundukova said: ‘To say that I was excited is an understatement.

‘It was a rainy afternoon, and I was lucky to see the start of the hunt – nine lionesses, one of them pregnant, went towards a huge group of buffalo.

On the prowl: Four lionesses are photographed together in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater as they begin their hunt for food

Targetted: The hungry lionesses were stalking a large herd of buffalo, and when two got separated from the pack they made their move

The race is on: Having cut off a single buffalo, one of the lionesses makes chase, hurtling after the half-tonne beast across grassland

Backfired: With her front legs outstretched and sharp claws grasping, the lioness makes her finest effort at stopping her prey. However, the buffalo responds with his own attack – kicking out his hind leg

‘Two buffalos, perhaps a mother and kid, got separated from the others.

‘The lionesses then made a trap, and managed to catch one of them – but when the buffalo realised what had happened they chased the lionesses away.

‘The lionesses tried to take their prey back, but failed.

Turning the tables: Following her failed attempt, the injured lioness turns away from the herd of buffalo – who then decide to hunt her down

How do you like it? With their deadly horns pointed to the skies, the herd of at least fourteen buffalo go after the now fleeing pack

Hunter becomes the hunted: One of the huge buffalo closes in on the lioness, despite being notably slower than the killer cat

And don’t come back: With a look of fear in her eyes, the lioness makes her escape – with her new nemesis now breathing down her neck

‘After some time four lions appeared from the bushes – they were warm and sleepy, and ready to have a good dinner.

‘When they realised the lionesses hadn’t caught any buffalo they weren’t very pleased – they tried again to catch some dinner, but the buffalo chased them away again.

‘Nine lionesses and three lions failed to catch any buffalo – it was very impressive and beautiful to watch.’

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