It's bath time! Baby elephant is so excited at the prospect of a wash it dives head-first into tub... and then runs off with the hose

It’s bath time! Baby elephant is so excited at the prospect of a wash it dives head-first into tub… and then runs off with the hose

Anyone who has ever tried to bathe an animal, especially a big one, will probably tell you that it can be a real struggle.

But this little elephant in Thailand proves that it’s not always as hard as you would think. In fact, it’s actually quite fun.

Captured on video by a visiting tourist who dubbed the elephant Double Trouble, the excitable animal is filmed diving straight towards the bath, snagging its leg on the side of it, tripping up and falling straight into the water.

After balancing on its head for a while looking as if it is struggling, the elephant manages to turn itself back onto its side and begins splashing about – seemingly unbothered by its less-than-graceful entry into the water.

Returning to its feet, the elephant heads towards the man bathing it, who is believed to be Claus Jorgensen, the Danish tourist who later uploaded the footage from the Royal Elephant Kraal and Village, in Thailand.

But the excitement isn’t over for the young elephant. It proceeds to jumping back out of the bath and attempt to steal the hose, causing the surrounding visitors to laugh hysterically.

The excited elephant charges straight towards the bath and snags its leg off of it on the way in causing it to fall over

The calf slip-slided its way in eventually as grown elephants stood in the back watching

Head over heels! The elephant looks like it is about to drown before it turns itself onto its side and begins splashing

The video concludes with Double Trouble jumping back into the bath even more enthusiastically, before a woman and little girl spray it with a hose.

After an enjoyable roll around in the water, apparently delighting in its added shower, the elephant grabs the hose from the girl and her mother and runs away with it in its trunk.

Royal Elephant Kraal & Village in Ayutthaya is a non-profit organisation that breeds elephants, cares for retired elephants and looks after all the ones in between.

The little guy just couldn’t get enough of the spray


After rolling about in the water, the elephant jumps up and attempts to steal the hose from the man

Their popular Elephantstay programme allows visitors to care for the animals and guides are on hand to instruct on the best ways to feed, wash and interact with them.

Since the year 2000 The Royal Elephant Kraal’s breeding programme has resulted in over 60 births.

The latest recorded birth on their website was in December 2014, when an elephant named Oijai gave birth to a boy named Plai Kotchasuwan.

The video concludes with a woman and little girl spraying the elephant before it runs after with their hose


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