Hearty dinner gone wrong: The last pride of lions fled without any dinner after the ferocious herd of buffalo swooped in and saved the buffalo in their jaws

Hearty dinner gone wrong: The last pride of lions fled without any dinner after the ferocious herd of buffalo swooped in and saved the buffalo in their jaws

The pair of lions launched a vicious attack on the injured buffalo at a South African nature reserve – but their ‘easy dinner’ didn’t quite go as planned

This astonishing footage shows two lions ambushing and taking down a lone buffalo – before being chased off by its brave pals.

The pair were filmed attacking the injured buffalo in South Africa’s Limpopo province, apparently believing it to be an easy dinner.

However, they weren’t counting on other members of their victim’s herd rushing to its aid after hearing its loud, distressed cry.

The lions ended up slinking off without any dinner after the feisty buffaloes ran over and successfully fought them off.

One of the lions leaps on to the back of the lone buffalo at the South African nature reserve

The beast takes down the buffalo as the second lion prepares to join in

Student ranger Oliver Lane had been leading the morning game drive with his tracker Ephraim and guests from the lodge on the day of the dramatic incident.

The confrontation between the lions and buffaloes took place just 25 metres from their vehicle – and took them “completely by surprise”.

The herd of buffaloes rush to the aid of their pal as the lions bite into its skin Oliver, 21, from Cape Town, said: “We’d been paying close attention to the lions’ interest in the buffalo, and as they spotted an injured buffalo towards the back of the herd they saw their opportunity to strike and began to make their move.

“Despite his injuries, the buffalo refused to go down without a fight.

“The lions managed to finally secure the buffalo to the ground with the bigger male latched tightly onto its neck – and the smaller male looked on in dismay as it realised the rest of the herd was quickly coming back in aid of their herd mate.

“The true power of the herd really shone through as they made their return to assist the fallen buffalo.


The buffaloes successfully chase away the lions, who had to leave the area without any dinner

“Shortly after freeing the buffalo, the herd managed to chase the lions a fair distance before the males retreated into the dense bush.

“After being in the bush for a little under two years, I am incredibly lucky to have seen these events unfold and will hopefully see more like it in my future as a guide, but the pure action of this sighting would be tough to match.

The incredible scenes were caught on camera by Jean-Marc Descamps (pictured left) at the Umlani Bushcamp

“I love the way the photos really represent the dusty and dirty reality of what goes on in a lion hunt, and not the clean and calculated ‘postcard’ photos one would come to expect.

“When dealing with wild animals, there is always an element of danger – but with strict protocol and training, we kept a respectable distance, minimising any potential danger.”

The extent of the attacked buffalo’s injuries remain unclear.


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