Golden Retriever 'overwhelmed with emotions' after seeing puppy for the first time The stunned dog's reaction to seeing his bed stolen by the tiny gray creature has attracted 22 million views (Video)

Golden Retriever ‘overwhelmed with emotions’ after seeing puppy for the first time The stunned dog’s reaction to seeing his bed stolen by the tiny gray creature has attracted 22 million views (Video)

The tiny pups were found ‘wandering along the highway’ without their mother

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A Golden Retriever appeared overwhelmed with emotion after seeing puppies for the very first time in an adorable video.

The famous YouTube pup melted hearts after a clip of his introduction to the tiny stray dogs was uploaded to the video sharing website.

Bailey’s owner, Taras, says the five stray puppies were found “without their mother” at the side of a road, “wandering along the highway.”

He goes on to say that the litter of pups will be staying in the home “until we find a new home for them.”

Bailey is seen excitedly jumping on a bed as his owner produces this special delivery – a basket filled with puppies.

After a good sniff and investigation into the tiny, wriggling creatures, Bailey appears to be already falling in love with the gorgeous pups.

The video has been viewed over 19 million times since it was uploaded to the This is Bailey YouTube channel last month.

Adoring comments flooded in after the cute clip went viral.

“He’s overwhelmed with emotion, very touching,” one user wrote.

Another commented: “Look how fast their tails wag when they get close to the retriever. It’s so cute.”

A third added: “It’s adorable how quickly he learned that he had to be gentle and not jump up or he’ll scare them.”

Last year, Bailey left his thousands of followers in tears after “adopting” bunnies who ended up thinking he was their “mum”.

Owner Taras believes the bunnies treat him like a parent “because he is very kind to them and he loves them very much”.

“The bunnies always share their food with Bailey and he even steals hay from them,” he added.

It may have been the first time he met puppies – but he has already come face-to-face with a kitten.

A clip of the stunned dog’s reaction to seeing his bed stolen by the tiny grey creature racked up 22 million views.

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