Go Go go! Mother elephant reminds her newborn baby how to stand on its own two feet - because the clumsy baby keeps putting his face on the ground while trying to walk!

Go Go go! Mother elephant reminds her newborn baby how to stand on its own two feet – because the clumsy baby keeps putting his face on the ground while trying to walk!

Photographer snapped the cute shots of three-week-old male elephant struggling to stay on his feet in South Africa

For five minutes he was constantly up and down as he tried to show his mother he was capable on the concrete

Having not yet mastered how to use his trunk for balanced, he couldn’t help but face-plant on almost every step

Well for this adorable baby, it’s about time he began remembering how to stay on his feet – as the clumsy boy can’t stop face-planting while he’s trying to walk!

The heart-warming yet hilarious moment the three-week-old was trying to struggling to walk was caught on camera in South Africa.

Oops: Despite being supported by his mother, the clumsy young elephant finds it nigh-on impossible to stay on his feet walking on concrete

Struggling to use his trunk for the much-needed balance it provides, the elephant repeatedly keels over – landing face-first on the road surface.

Photographer Graeme Mitchley took the cute snaps in Kruger National Park in the north east of the country.

He said: ‘This baby elephant kept us entertained for a good five minutes – he was having a lot of fun and face-planted a few times.

The cute moment clumsy baby elephant takes a tumble


Right, now I’ve got it: For elephants, their walking balance is not only dictated by their feet and ears, but also their huge trunks

Oh no: After leaning to his right, the happy-go-lucky baby boy unfortunately begins to lose his balance, with his knees bending beneath him

And I’m down: Unable to stop himself from collapsing to the ground, the adorable little elephant ends-up face-planting against the road surface

‘We were actually on our way back to Johannesburg after spending a lovely relaxing weekend in the park but when we saw this we had to stop.

‘We stopped as there was a breeding herd of elephants next to the road and it’s always safer to keep your distance, especially when there are babies around.

‘When they are young they are still figuring out how there trunk functions and often over-balance.

Right, let me try this again: Slowly getting back to his feet, the young animal is determined to finally get a hang of this walking lark

‘Some people say he was tired, some say he liked the taste of the road – I really don’t know, all I know is that it made us laugh.

‘After a while, an older male elephant decided it was time to go and the baby quickly followed.’

Elephants are usually on their feet walking within moments of being born.

At three-weeks-old, though, he’s certainly got plenty of time to learn – elephants usually live for around 60 years.

Ok, here I go: Elephants are usually walking within moments of being born, but this was maybe proving that don’t all have great memories

No, not again: With his balance visibly going on his front two legs, the desperate boy knows exactly what is about to happen once again

I’ll just rest here, thanks: Although struggling with walking, the elephant’s got plenty of time to learn. The animals usually live to be around 60


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