Fortune Strikes: Treasure Hunter Finds Massive $10 Million Gold Nugget by Accident in River! (VIDEO)

I came to this river to look.

Let’s see what I find.

I Just Arrived

It’s Far Away Home, Rich Place, Diamonds, Gold, Treats.

Today Find Diamonds, winter is on the nose, or rather it is already winter, it just melted the snow, it just went down.

I want to see what will happen, what is not, girlfriend signs, gold.

Here She Gold discovered, Wow, how successfully Open.

Look at This Here, yes, it came in torrents.

Look, Let’s be now, Then We’ll pass.

Let’s see, The sun is shining, Jackets, placers, gold placers.

The Truth Here The Stone Goes Shuffle Already.

This is not me

Particularly happy.

Therefore, I don’t know, I don’t know, I’ll collect it as best I can, Sabirov Quickly, What I’ll probably invent from Above.

Still, it is better to wash the sands, It is not in vain that the Sands are washed, So, So, So The River Flows Here.

I Think It’s Best to Gather Material Here, Wash Rich Features.

It’s just that there the stone goes mixed and see what I get, I’ll have a drink, only the driver, it’s winter, but there’s no snow.

This House, Really Just Look, Already Showed Me Yesterday, I’ll Show You Straight Yellow Sand, Thing.

This speaks of the fact that the Gold-bearing, High concentration.

Thanos, Mostiska, you’re More Cheating in Your Golden Typography Wash better, See For Now Result: So Modest.

Of course there is gold, but, but here it seems the bench press is going on again.

Can This Difference Be More, And The Water Is Ice-Cold In Principle Average Content, Dollar Average, I Would Say Not Bad, Look More, I Will Flush To Get Rid Of This Sand.

Got me some worse mode.

Let’s continue.

Thank you.

See She, Here the sand is hiding.

Most of It Is Not Seen.

Look, Mixed With Sands.

No, I won’t, I won’t.

God, and so Very Hard To Do, Not So Easy.

In principle, the result is quite interesting: wow, here she hides the gold.

Water Icy in Summer Pleasant Results.

Now it’s necessary

It is to wash, to get rid of.

Doing Our Proven Method, simple enough for the minister,

Long Mid With Two Hands Makes It Comfortable.

With one hand, you pick it up, lean back, and then it remains.

Now I Will Try – Because I Speak With My Hands It is much more convenient to do this.

Wow, You See, Layers, Gold Goes Straight.

In general, I didn’t expect this from above and juice Inside, And here Here No, at Look at this

With say:

Here She Walks Like One.

Not Seen

The flow of water was flowing auspiciously.

Wow, there’s an idiot. And you, we’ll raise it all.

Wow, guys, I’m getting richer.

It’s just incredible.

Gold hides everything. I Pro received First gold a lot on

This time has not passed.

not bad

Result I believe.

1 Be Slowly Like a Child Rejoice.

See What Riches Are Revealed.

Gamiepg Probably.

Just That’s Which Thin Gold

On Like a Plate It Jumps, of course it is washed off, and then Not Always After.


He’s somebody to pick him up?

The results already I have a good result.

I Think Washed Gently, Not Considering Already The Result Is Worthy.

Winter I collect so much gold.

This Stone Came From It Comes Mixed With The Stone.

It just complicates the work, it will take longer to wash.

Of course, you can also collect.

Now I Will Continue Washing, Probably All The Same Sands Here You See How It Goes Directly Mixed With Stone, Then You Have To Nipples.

No, Gold Is Accumulating, So Goes Too.

Most of Here Under The Sands Over Millennia Goes In Layers.

You see here Such zigzags, Go, turns, that is, from there to here.

Here So Here Snake Here Good Accumulation, Gold turned out.

Here He Didn’t Collect Something.

Some Result Is.

Now This Is About My Good Result I Consider The Biggest, I Raised Strongly.

I won’t Choose all this, Walk, I’ll spend, I’ll look at gold

No, I don’t see anything.

So far, I’m already saying: She Leads By.

Here Sami So, Somewhere Forests, Somewhere No, Look, Wow.

Such a Nugget, when it went well, If only I could Decree them, What kind of just glued, My God, I Wanted to go There.

Well, Look There, You See The Collapse, An Unexpected Find Is Given, Let’s Go This. So Let’s Nato, Nakhodochka, Immediately Jackpot.

Just Really Wouldn’t have expected it, a kind of chest.

I Found Many Nuggets But This Rich River But Every Time They Please.

The Gold Nugget I Found, I’m just in shock.

I want to show it to you.

Well, some part was visible, what a Beauty, not just looking enough. I can’t.

Kilogram 5080 Pure Gold, Yes, I found More, but Pleases Me, simply Pleases.

Pies, Poor Knee To Show You It’s Very Heavy.

I use

All My Power To Show You This Beauty.

I suspect that he may be nuggets here.

Guys, I’ll take a quick look at the channel and you yourself understand such a find of the language, I’m wrong, leaving I’m not mistaken.

Today is indeed a magical day.

See what riches I have

Managed to find.

And This Nugget Is No Worse, Not A Small Kilogram 10

Precious Metal.

Well, of course, it cannot be compared with the first one found, by the way, I found it by accident, if there is a part outside, it was at the top.

I Didn’t Even Think That Dig There Wasn’t Fully Hidden,

He ran into a stone and did not drown, or of course ten times more than he discovered.

Found two nuggets, this one is certainly gigantic, compared to this, but this one is rather big,

Somewhere Here I Found It Here Here, In My Opinion, You See It Somewhere, To Me The Gold Is Hidden There Then I Choose.

Now I’ll wash it a little here, I want to check it, I’ll show it here, and it’s not enough in this place, it’s going oblique here, here it is.

Forms From Gold.

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