Follow these weightlifting rules You want to be in shape like a WWE superstar: John Cena once admitted that his healthy post-workout habits helped him plan to lift weights at age 80

Follow these weightlifting rules You want to be in shape like a WWE superstar: John Cena once admitted that his healthy post-workout habits helped him plan to lift weights at age 80

Want a physique like a WWE superstar? Obey these weightlifting laws.

It would be an understatement to say that WWE superstar John Cena embraces the hard work and dedication that comes with lifting for size and strength. Beneath every serious lifter lies a foundation built upon a code of ethics and standards, and John Cena is no exception.

To Cena, these are the unimpeachable truths of the weight room—the ultimate rules of gym protocol to which all may abide—that is, if they are serious about making real improvements for their bodies. There is no rocket science here; Cena’s 8 rules of the gym are as simple as they are inspiring. Check them out.

No Music

“I don’t listen to music when I lift,” says Cena. “I don’t listen to music before I go out for WWE, either. I just like to hear the audience.”

Per Bernal / M+F Magazine

Ditch the Smith Machine

“Its only good use is as a coat rack. It doesn’t help. It hinders you, in fact. It forces you to move in a certain way.”

Per Bernal / M+F Magazine

Embrace the Squat

“It’s the one lift that no one can do without. Period. Absolutely period.”

Improve your Weaknesses

“If you’re hamstring-deficient like I am, develop a program to build up your hamstrings. It’s easy.”

Put Your Weights Away

“Your mom doesn’t work out here. So clean up after yourself. If you take the time to put the weights back, it shows you respect the place.”

Give Yourself More Recovery Time as You Get Older

“I work out four times a week. The day I can’t handle four times a week, we’ll go down to three. It’s not too complicated.”

Try New Things—and be Willing to Suck for a While

“I remember when I started doing Olympic lifts. I couldn’t do them. And I came to the junction in the road where it was like, ‘Learn how to do these correctly—or don’t do them again.’ And I dove all in. It was very humbling. But it worked out.”

Do the Work

“Just get in there and go. If you want to be strong, you have to do strong stuff. You have to set realistic, attainable goals. And just get in there and kick ass.”


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