Firefighters rescued five puppies from tragedy and performed CPR on them before they were reunited with their worried mother

This is the heartwarming moment firemen rescue five unconscious puppies from a burning factory and perform CPR on the pups before their grateful mum runs onto the scene.

The blaze occurred in Mei Village in the Xinwu District of east China’s Jiangsu Province after firefighters received a call warning them a factory was burning.

Footage shows a firefighter working to resuscitate one of the black puppies by pressing down on the pup’s rib cage with his thumbs.

To the rescue: A firefighter gently presses down on the pup’s rib cage to perform CPR after the puppy was saved from a burning factory in Mei Village, Xinwu District of east China’s Jiangsu Province

The firefighters carry each of the puppies over to an opening in the hosepipe and spray each of them with water. The pup appears to be gasping for air as it begins to breathe again

Safe and sound: The puppies begin to show signs of movement as they are left to catch their breath in a puddle of water outside the factory

The brown and black puppies have wet fur after firemen douse them with water to bring them back to life

Cooling down: The puppies wait to be reunited with their mother as they relax after their frightening ordeal in a locked room inside the factory where the blaze occured

The firefighter then carries the puppy over to an opening in the hosepipe and gently sprays water over it.

The clip then shows other firefighters carrying more puppies to safety and the five pups begin to show signs of movement as they cool off in a puddle of water.

In a emotional scene the mother can be seen wagging her tail as she is reunited with her five puppies.

The firemen shout ‘it’s their mum’ as the mother sniffs around the firefighters looking for her litter.

Twelve firemen and two fire engines were sent to the burning factory which is reported to have started from a machine. The firemen tackle the blaze with the powerful hosepipe as black smoke is seen billowing out

Three firemen tackle the fire as thick smoke gathers in one of the entrances to the factory

Twelve firemen and two fire engines were sent to the scene and the fire was found in a locked room. They broke into the room and managed to extinguish the fire, but they found five unconscious puppies inside the building.

Local media reported all five puppies survived and the fire was reportedly caused by a machine in the factory.

PETA Asia press officer for China Keith Guo said: ‘Wuxi fire brigade’s determination and compassion likely saved these dogs from a horrifying end. PETA reminds everyone to take animals into consideration when disasters occur.’


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