Finally home! 'Britain's loneliest dog' finally finds a new family after more than a DECADE at a rescue center that attracted global attention

Finally home! ‘Britain’s loneliest dog’ finally finds a new family after more than a DECADE at a rescue center that attracted global attention

One of Britain’s loneliest dogs has finally found a new home after spending more than ten years in a rescue centre.

Bess, a black and white border collie, arrived at Last Chance Animal Rescue in Edenbridge, Kent, when she was very young. She had been hit by a car and her owners were no longer able to care for her.

After she had languished in the centre for over a decade, staff made a fresh appeal for an animal lover to come forward and give her a home, which received global attention.

Bess was inundated with hundreds of adoption applications from all over the world, even as far as America and Australia.

Bess (pictured), a black and white border collie, stayed at the Last Chance Animal Rescue in Edenbridge for more than a decade without finding a family

The pooch has now settled in the South coast of England after staff whittled their options down to find the best home for the celebrity dog.

‘Bess came to us a long time ago, she was living on a farm but ran away and was hit by a car,’ said centre manager Jenny Mansfield, 37.

‘She had pins in her neck and has always been sensitive about being touched around her neck.

‘Her previous owners were unable to look after her because of change in circumstances.’

After the centre launched a global appeal to find her a home, Bess (pictured) was inundated with inquiries

She continued: ‘She is a friendly with people that she knows, but it even took the staff a long time to build her trust.

‘Because of her injury she was wary around other dogs; she was a bit funny about having a lead on to start with.

‘It took a long time for her to get to know people and we had to do five or six introductions with her new owners before she felt comfortable.’

A spokesman for the rescue centre added: ‘It is with very great pleasure Last Chance Animal Rescue can announce we have found a wonderful new home for Bess, our longest ever resident at our Edenbridge Centre.

‘Bess, who was with us for ten long years, is now being cared for by new owners on the South Coast.

‘Great care was taken by our staff to find the perfect home for Bess, her new owners made many visits to the centre to allow Bess to slowly get to know them.

A spokesperson for the centre explained that it took the pup a long time to get to know people, and that it took five or six introductions with her new owners before she felt comfortable

‘Everyone at Last Chance loved Bess and wanted to make sure we found the best home for her and we think we have.

‘Bess is not the easiest of dogs and is very set in her ways, hence the amount of time she has been with us, so we still have all fingers crossed that this will be her forever home, so say a prayer.

‘It was very emotional for everyone as she set off to her new life, but also very rewarding, as a loving home is what we want for all our dogs, and finally we have one for our Bess.

The spokesperson went on to thank everyone who offered Bess a home, and added there were literally hundreds of people.

They continued: ‘Kind people from all over the world contacted us – in fact from Nova Scotia to Australia and many countries in between.

‘We were amazed and very touched by peoples’ kindness and compassion. We’ve done it.’

The spokesperson added the shelter staff were very emotional to say farewell to Bess after she’d spent more than a decade at her centre (pictured)


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