Fascinating temptation: Golden Retriever with one ear on top of the head is different from the rest of the world

Amidst the gloomy state of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we all need a ray of hope and happiness. And what could be more delightful than the presence of dogs in our lives? Today, we bring you the most charming puppy ever – Rae, the ‘unicorn’ puppy. She is a Golden Retriever with an unusual attribute that sets her apart from the rest – she has one ear placed right in the middle of her forehead! Sadly, Rae lost her ear because of an injury during birth, but as she grew older, her remaining ear moved towards her forehead, where it now sits proudly.

This endearing canine’s video on TikTok has gone viral, making her an internet sensation overnight. Her Instagram account boasts of 36,200 followers and continues to grow each day. Rae has illuminated our lives and brought us some much-needed cheer during these dark times.

Despite having only one ear, this furry friend named Rae is living her best life with her four-legged pals in daycare. She spends her days playing and frolicking around with her equally cute black Labrador buddy. Despite being one of a kind, Rae isn’t the first pup to have such a distinctive appearance.

In the previous year, we witnessed the arrival of an extraordinary creature named Narwhal. This adorable puppy was born with a unique feature, a tail on his forehead, which became the inspiration for his name. You can rest assured that both puppies are receiving excellent care. The fortunate Narwhal found a loving home with Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac’s Mission – a rescue shelter that focuses on caring for dogs with special needs.


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