Explore the world of a blind, noseless dog that roams the snowy streets of Baltimore

Sometimes the most wonderful dogs get overlooked, and no one knows why.

Over a year ago, a pit bull named Sienna Rose was found wandering the snowy streets of Baltimore, part of her nose completely missing from her past in the horrific dogfighting world. She showed her rescuer the makeshift home she had made for herself in the side of a wall – but she still hasn’t found a real home of her own.

Theresa Zavada

Sienna Rose was found by social worker Crystal Baldwin when she was leaving the school where she worked one night. After seeing the conditions the sweet dog was living in, and the state of her face, she knew she had to help.

“Her home was around the corner of a cement wall – the last remaining part of a burnt-down home – underneath a pile of snow-covered drywall that had been propped up against what remained of the building,” Baldwin told The Dodo. “She was so excited to show me and it made me so sad for her.”

Theresa Zavada


Sienna was taken to a local shelter, where she was soon transferred to Second Chance Rescue NYC. From there, Sienna has been hopping around from foster home to boarding facility. Everyone assumed it wouldn’t be long before sweet Sienna Rose finally found the home she so desperately wanted … but over a year later, she’s still waiting.

Somewhere along the way, it was discovered that Sienna likely had limited vision, but it wasn’t until later that the extent of that limited vision was realized.

Theresa Zavada

“One day she was running to me in the backyard and ran full speed into a tree. She stopped, shook it off, and proceeded to come to me,” Theresa Zavada, Sienna’s current foster mom, told The Dodo. “The ‘bumps’ into things became more frequent and more noticeable, especially when she was away from ‘home.'”

Zavada took Sienna Rose to the vet, where he confirmed what she already suspected – Sienna was completely blind.

Theresa Zavada

“It must be really scary for her to have been badly attacked by other dogs, to know dogs are nearby, and not be able to see them so she can avoid being victimized,” Zavada said.

Sienna may not be able to see the world around her, but that has not stopped her from being the sweetest, most loving dog around. She loves to explore, play and just be herself – and she deserves a forever home in which to finally be able to do all of that.

Theresa Zavada

“It is a sad reality of rescue that it often takes a very long time to find the right home for a dog, and even longer to find the right home for ‘less adoptable’ dogs,” Zavada said. “When it happens, it is beautiful. And it WILL happen.”



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