"Emergency rescue: Race against time to free a puppy stuck to a metal gate while trying to squeeze through two bars"

“Emergency rescue: Race against time to free a puppy stuck to a metal gate while trying to squeeze through two bars”

A dog has had to be rescued by police after getting trapped in a metal gate because it’s ‘too portly’.

The pooch was stuck between two steel bars as it tried to squeeze through the gate in a Chinese city last week.

The dog was so tightly jammed police officers couldn’t move it at all. They had to saw off one bar to free the animal.

‘Chubby’ dog gets stuck while trying to squeeze through bars

The dog gets trapped in a metal gate while trying to pass it in the city of Xuzhou in China

A police officer tries to pull the pooch out of the gap, but apparently its neck is ‘too thick’

Footage of the rescue effort was released by Xuzhou Police through their social media account yesterday.

According to the police, officers at the Donghuan Police Station were alerted in the afternoon by the locals who claimed a ‘fat dog’ had been stuck in a metal gate.

Officers who arrived at the gate were initially amused by the scene.

A police officer who is amused by the scene tells the trapped dog ‘you have been naughty’

The rescuer tries to remove a rusty bar after borrowing a saw from the local residents

One of them is heard saying to the dog ‘you have been naughty’ in the footage as he tried to pull the dog out of the gap. However, he failed after a few attempts.

Officers said the dog’s neck was ‘too thick’, therefore they borrowed a saw from the local residents hoping to remove a bar.

One officer slowly cut through one rusty bar while comforting the dog ‘it is going to be okay’.

The officer carries the dog after freeing it from the metal bars. The animal then runs off

Cao Yang, one of the policemen who attended the rescue operation, told btime.com that the dog was likely to be a pet.

Cao said: ‘[It] appeared to be well-fed, clean and fat. It should have an owner.’

The officer said after the dog was freed, it turned around to look at him before running off.

It’s believed the dog was not injured.


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