Don't worry, baby! Flight tickets are already available! The lone baby elephant's surgical rescue was complicated by dehydration before carefully preparing her for the 45-minute flight back to Nairobi.

Don’t worry, baby! Flight tickets are already available! The lone baby elephant’s surgical rescue was complicated by dehydration before carefully preparing her for the 45-minute flight back to Nairobi.

In an inspiring rescue mission coordinated by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), a young elephant named Esampu has been given a second lease on life after being found abandoned in the Narraengolo area within the Chyulu/Amboseli ecosystem.

This touching story unfolded on July 6, thanks to the combined efforts of the local community and dedicated conservationists.

Angela Sheldrick from DSWT received a distress call from Richard Bonham of Big Life, who had received reports about an orphaned elephant in the Chyulu/Amboseli region. Big Life deployed scouts to locate the calf to confirm the community’s account.

Upon discovery, it was evident that Esampu, a five-month-old calf, was fragile due to an extended period without her mother.

The DSWT rescue team, led by Angela, efficiently organized the collection of the orphans from the Mbirikani airstrip, the nearest location to her rescue site.

Esampu’s rescue was a delicate operation, considering her dehydrated state. The team provided her with much-needed milk and rehydration fluids before carefully preparing her for the flight back to Nairobi.

Onboard the aircraft and placed on a life-saving drip, Esampu embarked on a 45-minute journey that would reshape her destiny.

Upon reaching the DSWT Nursery in Nairobi, Esampu was welcomed with warmth and care. Placed in a stable next to another rescued elephant named Ambo, she quickly settled, comforted by the presence of her human caretakers and fellow elephant companions.

Given the Maa name “Esampu,” symbolizing light and shade, she was named after the area where she was rescued.

Esampu’s initial days in the Nursery were crucial for stabilizing her condition. Despite uncertainties surrounding her abandonment, the dedicated DSWT team worked tirelessly to ensure her well-being.

Esampu joined the baby herd in the forest as her strength improved, forming close bonds with Tamiyoi and Pare.

Esampu’s journey has been nothing short of a revelation. Her joyful disposition, swift adaptation to her new surroundings, and rapid health improvement stand as a testament to the resilience of wildlife.

Esampu found a second chance at life and a new family among the caring elephants and humans at the DSWT Nursery.

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