Don't do that Jumbo: The birthday party ended early when the camera captured the adorable moment of the mischievous baby elephant completely destroying the 12-stone cake that the conservation officer had made for his grandmother.

Don’t do that Jumbo: The birthday party ended early when the camera captured the adorable moment of the mischievous baby elephant completely destroying the 12-stone cake that the conservation officer had made for his grandmother.

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant calf completely destroyed a 12 stone cake sanctuary staff had made for his grandmother.

In the now viral clip, the calf, who lives at the Samui Elephant Haven, in Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand  ran and jumped on the cake in an attempt to stop his grandmother from eating it.

The clip that was originally shared by the on Instagram by the sanctuary and has been watched nearly four million times on Twitter, with the young animal stepping on the cake within minutes of seeing it.

The sanctuary offer a £110 service where animal lovers can donated a jumbo rice, pumpkin, watermelon, bananas and grape cake to the sanctuary in exchange for a  personalised video.

But the latest one seemed to go very wrong when  the cheeky animal sat on the cake, before spitting a piece of half-chewed watermelon out.


A baby elephant, left, eating a snack in a Thai Sanctuary has gone viral on social media after completely destroying a cake the staff had put together for his grandmother and him within minutes of spotting it

The baby elephant completely destroyed the cake, before eating a slice of watermelon and spitting it out, pictured

All through the scene, the calf’s grandmother kept on eating calmly, without stopping the baby from destroying her meals.

The baby was called a ‘menace’ online, as parents of young children lamented the video is not too different from what they experience at home.

The clip shows the elephant walking around the cake to get a slice of watermelon, but the animal ended up stepping right on it and destroying it.

As the calm grandmother tried to catch food with her trunk, the baby could be seen circling the confection, slipping on the food and spreading it all over the grass.

The little elephant, who, it seemed, didn’t know how to use his trunk properly to feed himself, buried his head in the food turning the white cake into a brown sludge.

After some time, he managed to grab a bit of watermelon with his trunk and to guide it to his mouth.


The elephant calf sat in the food, while hi grandmother watched, kept calm amd tried to eat the untouched bits, pictured

The baby elephant completely destroyed the cake by stepping on it, before his grandmother could grab the food, pictured


The calf cut in front of his grandmother, left, before stepping on the beautiful cake the staff had laid out of him and his grandmother

However, it seemed the baby elephant was not a fan, and he quickly spat it out on the cake, before moving on to another section of the cake that had miraculously remained untouched.

He once again buried his head in the cake, while his grandmother kept eating the bits she could reach without paying the calf any attention.

Giving up on the snack, the baby decided to lay on the food, blocking it from his grandmother, who still managed to grab a slice of watermelon.

At this stage, the baby’s truck and body were covered in food, and his grandmother gave a very relatable stare to the camera.

People loved the video, but sympathised with the grandmother. Parents of young children said they could relate

After his rampage was over, the baby stood up and grabbed a slice of watermelon like nothing happened.

He had reduced the pretty food platter into bits that spread it from their black plate to the grace.

The video was shared online, and parents of young children found it very relatable.

‘Why are toddlers of every species a menace,’ one wrote.

‘A menace and she knows it. When she picked up that one little bit of fruit after sitting on the cake,’ one agreed.

The calf seemed to struggle to use his trunk to eat the food, so buried his head in the cake instead

After stepping and burying his trunk in the food, the elephant stood up and grabbed a slice of watermelon from the untouched bit

The grandmother watched as the calf crouched on the cake, rubbing his trunk in it, pictured



After messing about with the food, the elephant gave up, and laid on the food, left. His grandmother seemed to roll her eyes as he did, right

‘As the mother of a 21 month old this is too close to home.,’ said another.

‘Why does ever child try to beat you where you are going,’ another asked.

‘Honestly! People love puppies but they are the actual worst baby animal ever and they take years to relax,’ one agreed.

‘Lil bro moonwalked in it, put his face in it, ate it, spit it back out, then laid in it like it was a pallet…he bad as hell,’ said one.

When someone asked how the grandmother could stay so calm while the baby wreaked havoc on her snack, one wrote: ‘They get pregnant for 3 years do you know the kind of patience they have.’


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